Fear Factory and Soilwork Showcase A Brutal Set


The place was Slim’s in San Francisco, CA where ‘Demanufacture’; was played live in its entirety by Fear Factory. The bay was unaware of the chaos which was about to be unleashed by guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell the founders of this brutal tech metal band. Outside the venue metal heads were lined up ready to head bang and mosh. The night was cold and inside Slim’s the fans were warming up with some cold brews. The two opening acts were Ace of Blades and Omnikage whose brutal guitar riffs and drumming warned the crowd for the mayhem to be inflicted by Soilwork and Fear Factory soon after.DSC_0068 Soilwork got on stage as they opened their set with the track- “The Ride Majestic” of their recent released titled album ‘The Ride Majestic’. Bjorn “Speed” Strid made sure he has his vocals ready to assault those insolent ears of the bay area fans. The guitars were perfectly executed by Sylvain Coudret while the bass was beat with fury by Markus Wibom. The night was filled an electrifying energy as Soilwork unleashed their sound. Dirk Verbeuren punished those drums with style during songs like “Death In General” and “Whirl of Pain” which was written by David Andersson (Guitarist on The Ride Majestic)as the crowd moshed and relentlessly head banged. Soilwork delivered an extreme melodic show and with their unique Swedish sound they won some fans at this quaint venue. The surprise of the night was when Chuck Billy showed up to sing along with Strid, being a local of the bay area the fans lost their minds, it was quite a spectacle. Metal heads in the venue had no idea what had hit them as these two lead singers ravaged the stage. Fear Factory was up next and the fans had no more than 20 minutes to recuperate from the storm that hit them with Soilwork. The opening song by Fear Factory of was Demanufacture of course, followed by Self Bias Resistor. Dino Cazares executed those seven strings phenomenally during the set giving their band that classic Tech Death Metal sound they created and paved the way for other bands.DSC_0604 Burton C. Bell sang his soul out to a set of hardcore fans, as some stood there in awe while others sang along to “Replica” and “H-K”. The crowd was ravaging the set and Fear Factory was not stopping until blood would be spilled in the pits. Tony Campos former Static-X bassist, and Soulfly was a vivid character on stage adding that deeper tone to the band’s sound. With bass in hand, he executed those notes with ease. The night was dangerous, however the show needed to end at one point and the crowd chanted encore as the band finished their set. San Francisco had survived the brutality of death metal on May 3rd 2016 and Slim’s once again had booked the perfect set of bands to demonstrate what metal is all about. For fans of metal, they sure walked out of the venue with a lot to talk about and a shirt of their new favorite bands, if they were not it yet.






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