Scythia-Lineage: Out May 4th

Scythia, the Canadian quartet featured a music video from their previous album…of Conquest, entitled “Bear Claw Tavern”, featured by making it a hit and described as a rocking medieval tavern filled with hooligans and mysterious characters. In other words The Hobbit on party mode after many drinks. May 4th will mark the release of their fourth independent full-length album, Lineage. Scythia guitarist and vocalist- Dave Khan on their new album Lineage- “With Lineage, we fell that we’ve put our best foot forward and succeeded in delivering a follow-up to that progresses upon what we started …of Conquest, “ We caught an early listen to this new epic album filled with guitar riffs that will make your skin crawl. The tempo on each drumbeat defies those of thunders and the transition from clean to gory vocals makes their sound heavier. Once again Dave Khan stated- “This new one is faster, heavier and slightly more serious-toned but also more dynamic and original than its predecessor. This story will take the listener on a sonic voyage through peaks and valleys in true power metal style!”Promo PicRESIZED

This album was solely self-produced, however it does feature engineering from Nino Laurenne (Firewing, Finntroll, Winterson, Ensiferum) and Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Powerwolf), and mastering from Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Volbeat, Firewind, Apocalytica). Lineage was recorded at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany and Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

If you want to travel through the highest peaks and find yourself fighting for retribution this if your anthem album. The song “Laugh of The Tsar” is a great melody and has furious riffage in it. The sound of battles can be felt with each guitar pick sweep and wammy bar pull. Get your copy of this album out on May 4th and make sure to check out the touring dates, as they will be touring in The US as well.

Dave Khan adds– “Scythia is quite excited to tour with their Finnish friends in Thunderstone and feel that Shredmonton is the perfect festival for a CD release tour, given the heavyweight bands on the bill. We plan to complete a broader US tour in October so that we can truly showcase the new album to new and existing fans across the US.”

Scythia incarnation to the progressive power metal with a twist of folklore started in 2008. Their influences in sound are derived from genres like celtic/gypsy folk music, power metal, death metal and progressive rock. The poetry in their songs and rich text allows listeners to travel through forests and relive battles of the medieval era. Dave Khan is a lover of ancient Slavic imagery and melodies inspired from Balkan music. Their Debut album was titled Of War in 2010, with an immediate release of the titled album Of Exile in 2011. The rest is history, and all you have to do is be enchanted by their sound and great story telling ability.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Scythia- “Lineage”-


Dave Khan – Guitars, Vocals
Terry Savage – Bass Guitar, Growls
AJ Bergin – Guitars, Growls/Vocals
Celine Derval – Drums, Vocals

SCYTHIA Canadian Tour Dates:

April 16 – Red Deer, AB @ The Vat
May 4 – Calgary, AB @ Dicken’s Pub –Official Album Release Party w/ Thunderstone and Viathyn
May 6 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater w/Thunderstone, Titans Eve, Terrifier and Mournir
May 7 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room – Shredmonton Festival w/ Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Acacia Strain, Black Crown Initiate and Thunderstone
Aug 19 – Edmonton, AB @ DV8
Aug 25-28 – Valemount, BC – Metalocalypstick Festival

Quotes provided by : AdrenalinePr

Photo Credit to: Adrenaline Pr



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