Redwood Stills: Blues/Folk Funk Rock

LA is not known to produce talented Blues musicians; the roots come straight from Mississippi, down South where swampy waters are abundant. Redwood Stills are the exception to that myth; straight from Los Angeles CA. they have created a sound of blues/folk funk rock and great story telling. Redwood2We caught their most recent show in Hollywood’s King King, where their set was anything but disappointing. Ronnie McCawley’s fluidity with the guitar generates melodic blues riffs, pairing up with Ben Uhrig on rhythm guitar. You can see this duo of performers take over the stage; Ronnie plays with such ease, and does not miss a note portraying the love for his music. Meanwhile, Ben, encompasses on rhythm guitar exploiting his powerful vocals to sooth your soul in songs like “Sit With Me a while”. Redwood1

Their chemistry on stage is undeniable. The sound of this band is what blues is meant to be like; rich, and rhythmical with keyboards and Mandolin on board as well (Seth Gordon). Drummer Fozzie Wakka definitely has the skills of classic drummers and compliments Redwood Stills’ majestic sound. Bassist Benny Romzek, has the experience to join this band and manifest a sound of melody, soft bass and swampy rhythm. Redwood3Together, this crew of talented musicians can elicit your soul, as they grow as musicians and as a band. The sound on “One Night Lady” is riveting and transports you to a bar, filled with smoke, sipping on some whiskey as you scope the scene looking for that fun. Lyrics that touch the heart, instill melancholy and force anyone to get up and dance is what Redwood Stills skillfully compose. Check them out when ever you can and be thrilled with this prolific sound.redwood5









Check out Redwood Stills live performance of “Sit With Me a While”

Listen to their Song “Rockin Chair”


Live Performance Redwood Stills


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