Cannibal Corpse: Maniacal Show

25 years of butchery, and human shredding later Cannibal Corpse does not slow down. There are bands that make you rage, make you explode, and push your adrenaline levels to the max. However, Cannibal Corpse doesn’t only do that but they make you want to kill. Cannibal Corpse makes sure you completely enter their world of decapitation, corpse transformation and rotten corpses.



They wake the beast inside you and make your skin crawl with their furious shredding, and thunderous drumming, not to mention George Fisher’s diabolical vocals. Lifeless carcasses coming to life and devouring the bastards of humanity, who deserve to die, are some of the topics on their albums. Paul, Alex, Rob, Pat and Fisher definitely know how to write music, and play their hearts out on stage._MG_8868 During their performance at the Knotfest 2015, in San Bernardino, CA. Cannibal corpse hyped the crowd with songs like “They Deserved to Die”, and “A Skull Full of Maggots”. There is no censor in the brutal assassination these Buffalo, NY locals create, and with such a maniacal atmosphere anyone enters the pit. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, relentlessly head bangs as he roars with his diabolical voice, one that can resuscitate the dead from its tombs. _MG_8862Mean while you have a brutal assault by Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums) with double pedals during the song “Kill or Become” and giving you that old school drumming in “A Skull Full of Maggots”. There is no better duet on death metal guitars that can shred like Pat O’Brien, and Rob Barrett. These two masters of guitar pick sweeping, and muted riffs mutilated fans with their grotesque sound during songs like “Hammer Smashed Face”, and “Disfigured”. However, an old time favorite “I Cum Blood” did not disappoint. Tombs were opening in nearby graveyards as the mastermind corpse reviver, Alex Webster, furiously raped that five string bass. _MG_8866The Legend, the master, Alex Webster played false harmonics and diligently shredded during songs like “Stripped, Rapped, And Strangled”, and “Make Them Suffer”. The best way to enter the stage and ravage the fans was on the spinning platform, and immediately starts the massacre with, “Evisceration Plague”. Don’t miss out on this act of evisceration when ever they are in town, their sound is classic and will forever shatter your bones with their brutality.


Reported by-Hostile Jo

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