Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black”- A Depiction of Aggression

CannibalCorpse-RedBeforeBlackThe slashing, and decapitating murderous images live on by purveyors of all grotesque. Cannibal Corpse’s 14th studio album Red Before Black is a testament to extreme death metal, they will never renounce the music that severs all in it’s path. From track- “Only One Will Die” an eye gauging track, to “Hideous Ichor’s” sinister intro, this album is composed with ravenous riffs that will melt your face away. From the graves’ depths, this band will never disappoint even with the slower tempo songs, which are naturally heavy containing an ominous sound. Paul Mazurkiewicz is a beast behind the drums during all tracks, he hammers away relentlessly. Meanwhile, the one and only, George Corpsegrinder Fisher, evokes demons from the grave with his diabolical growls. The single that is currently murdering the scene is “Code of The Slasher”, an equally beautiful track as much as it is depraved. The killings were created by drummer and lyricist Paul Mazurkiewicz, he viciously invited you to his nightmares with his portrayal of his darkest mind malefactions.  The morbid and violent guitar riffs by Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett will make your body jerk, as harmonies and aggressive solos shred at your soul.

One must ask, “Where does all this anger rise from?”, it is no secret, these musicians are talented in all areas, from record production to lyrical content. Cannibal Corpse slashes away with the song titled “Remaimed”, with a heavy-as-shit guitar riff and dark interlude, devastating your ears with the killing speed on  drums and that bass which Alex Webster  so skillfully delivers. If you are looking for tracks that will melt your face off be ready for “Heads Shoveled Off”, a debauchery that will drag you in with murderous lyrics. From the guitar dives that Pat O’brien delivers to the explosive drums on this track, you will definitely end headless. Cannibal Corpse does not deviate from their brutal formula as they create another intense record adding a few new touches, all becoming death metal at the end. The animosity conveyed in Red Before Black will live for centuries to come, expect the album to drop in stores on November 3rd, via Metal Blade Records.


Reviewed by: Hostile Jo


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