septicfleshtour Septicflesh, Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist are selling out venues…



psycholvfulllineup Psycho Las Vegas, a line up change has happened and Young and In The Way are no longer performing, but there will be a replacement soon to be announced. 



Hallow Point To Tour Heavily

cover_1515516028009194 Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper to split a release…


img_4112 Rivers of Nihil to Release third full-length album “Where Owls Know My Name”…

venomincband Venom New lyric Video to “War” is out now


twitchingtoungestour  Twitching Tongues To Tour With True Love…

darkesthour Darkest Hour Joins PuckHucky…

actofdef  Act of Defiance To kick off Spring Tour with Shattered Sun [read more…]



cover_1515516028009194 Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper to release a brutal split album  [read more…]


iggor Igorrr to headline in debut North American Tour with Spotlights [read more…]


suff  Suffocation delivers a guitar play through for “Return To The Abyss” via Guitar World [wath video]


img_3882  Slayer will embark on their last voyage with Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and Testament [ read more…]


vanfleet  Greta Van Fleet Is saving Rock & Roll [read more…]


pyscholasvegasprepart  Psycho Las Vegas return to it’s home for a festive weekend [read more…]


philsbastards  Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons are coming in heavy!


New Metal, and Upcoming Releases