Mantar: Pure Sonic Destruction

dsc_0739-2  This weekend The Viper Room was invaded by aggressive metal act Mantar- who flew from Germany, a long hell of a trip to bring America some angry metal. Deep from the underground, Mantar is in America to conquer the metals heads that want destruction and brutal riffs. The set consisted of tracks off of their new release in April, Ode To The Flame, a raw to the bone album filled with pure adrenaline and heavy riffs. Up on stage, you see a thin tall dude, with a guitar heavier than him, when suddenly you hear his gore and rage projected to the mic. What the fuck was that, yes it was Hanno, the destructor, creator of heavy riffs. The cannon blasts on this assault are handled by Erinc and backing vocals, some pretty powerful sounds were projected at the crowd by the enticing duo. Hanno, the guitarist and lead vocalist is a dedicated underground metal composer who is humble and likes to destroy shit, create mayhem, and wants to give his raw power to the fans with his music.

dsc_0817-2The night at the Viper Room got pretty crazy when Mantar exploded with rage while they played “Era Borealis”, a favorite off their 2016 spring release via Nuclear Blast. Hanno brings the hate and destruction to the stage and loves to write crazy music. Mantra’s set was not a disappointing one, as each track delivers a barrage of hate and drum blasts. The other fans’ favorite was “Cross The Cross”, this track just sucks you in, and seeing the energy projected by the duo on stage elicits your inner demons and allows you to ravage in the pit, as it was done. Prior to the debauchery, we had the chance to chat with Hanno and Erinc who talked about Psycho Las Vegas, their inspiration for their sound, and the love of destruction.

Stay Tuned For Our Raw Interview With Hanno, and Erinc.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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