Cobalt- Neurosis Inspired American Black Metal

dsc_0005-2American Black metal has been inspired by raw hate and the love of darkness, and Cobalt has manifested their own sound when it comes to this brutal genre. We got to see Cobalt in their currently headlining tour with Mantar of Germany and these two bands delivered a dose of hatred and anger. Cobalt, which consists of Erik Wunder, the only original member since the departure of Phil McSorley on 2014, and vocalist Charlie Fell (ex-Lord Mantis) took the stage at the Viper Room Sunday september 4th for a night of ominous black metal.

The dark stage was the right setting for the dark, and fast guitar riffs played during songs like “Hunt The Buffalo”, a primal black metal attack. The requiems of American black metal are deep, and prepare the fans for a brutal attack. Charlie Fell ravages the stage with his classic black metal style vocals, a force to be reckoned. Mid way the set Charlie goes shirtless, as he faces the drums, he suddenly explodes into a shriek, one can say its diabolical, and the frontman sports a black painted face. dsc_0121-2It was a sudden change, but the paint actually gave Charlie an evil look, and set the atmosphere right for tracks like “Gin” and “Slow Forever”. Followers of this macabre act went wild, rampaged one another, as others head bang to the sounds of the drums by Erik Wunder.

The band has influences by Neurosis, and Nausea Filth, some acts that are diverse, but brutal too. The passion for music is expressed in each song, and as Erik says, the name of the band depicts all elements, anything can go as far as composing music, lyrics and the style they play. The critics have dubbed this band to be doom/blackened/ metal- each album is an evolution as artists. The fans were craving that doom black metal on Sunday night, and Cobalt brought the heat to the stage. There was not a dull moment during this display of static waves that penetrated the fans’ souls and some would enter a trance during the set of Cobalt. Soon after the show we had the chance to chat with the originator himself, Erik Wunder, and we discussed the influences, music performance ideas and much more, stay tuned. Make sure to get your ticket to their ominous blackened doom metal showcase.

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Reported By: Hostile Jo