Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth Band Photo

From pole to pole and sea to sea, Amon Amarth are undisputed kings of Viking heavy metal. Formed in Tumba, Sweden, in 1992, they have forged an extraordinary legacy over three decades of thunderous, anthemic metal, all rich in the magical imagery of Viking history, folklore and culture.

From their underground smash debut ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’ (1998) onwards, Amon Amarth have been an unstoppable creative force. With a unique and unmistakable sound that combines the best of several epic strains of metal, the quintet have become renowned for their ageless anthems and explosive, theatrical live shows. Albums like 2008’s widely acclaimed ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God ‘ and 2016’s conceptual triumph ‘Jomsviking‘, the Swedes have been consistent standard bearers for heavy metal as a life-affirming and communal experience, armed with a seemingly endless stream of instant classic songs.

Now reaping the rewards of all those years of hard work, Amon Amarth are now regarded as one of the metal world’s most vital and imperious live acts. From headlining festivals across Europe to claiming a place on Slayer’s final tour of the US in 2019, they have honored the adventurous ethos of their Viking forebears by taking their music anywhere and everywhere.

Unfortunately, as the world ground to a halt early in 2020, Amon Amarth were in the midst of a wildly successful world tour in support of their most recent album, ‘Berserker. Disappointed but unbowed, the band decided instead to forge a new creative path, resulting in their most crushing and heroic full-length album to date, “The Great Heathen Army“.

One of the best-loved metal bands in the world, Amon Amarth are firmly dedicated to aiming high when they hit the studio. Recorded with esteemed studio guru Andy Sneap at the controls, The Great Heathen Army represents another bold leap forward for the band, as their trademark sound undergoes yet another skilful, evolutionary overhaul, both lyrically and musically. From the noisily rabble-rousing “Find A Way Or Make One” and the pummelling, pugilistic “Get In The Ring“, to the evocative fury of “Saxons & Vikings ” and the cinematic squall of the title track, ‘The Great Heathen Army‘ encapsulates the essence of this legendary band, while still allowing acres of space for new ideas.

Amon Amarth line-up:

Johan Hegg – Vocals

Ted Lundström – Bass

Johan Söderberg – Guitar

Olavi Mikkonen – Guitar

Jocke Wallgren – Drums

Thor Arise1993Self-Released
The Arrival of The Fimbul Winter1994Scum Records
Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds1996Pulverised Records
Once Sent from the Golden Hall1998Metal Blade Records
The Avenger1999Metal Blade Records
Versus the World2002Metal Blade Records
Fate of Norms2004Metal Blade Records
With Oden on Our Side2006Metal Blade Records
Twilight of the Thunder God2008Metal Blade Records
Hymns to the Rising Sun (Compilation)2010Metal Blade Records
Surtur Rising2011Metal Blade Records
Deceiver of the Gods2013Metal Blade Records
Jomsviking2016Metal Blade Records
Berserker2019Metal Blade Records
The Great Heathen Army2022Metal Blade Records