The Arson Choir To Release Their Latest EP New Video Out

Just as the album is titled, Invisible Monsters explore many of the demons that both Vocalist Phil Penegar and Songwriter Marc Motley had to battle when writing the songs. Each were battling their own monsters whether it be self imporovement and coming to grips with the world around them or dealing with the emotions Brought on by the death of a loved one. Through the music, each are able to find a emotional release that takes listeners on a rollercoaster experience. The EP is an in your face assault of sound that dwells into topics that a lot of people can relate to whether it is becoming a better person or speaking about the injustices happing in the world. 

Invisible Monsters was recorded by Casval Wolfe who handled guitars, and vocals while Stewart Hidalgo at 4th Street Studios handled the recording of the drums. 
Please let me know if you are interested in chatting with the band. I can have either vocalist/lyricist Phil Penegar or guitarist and main songwriter Marc writer available. As they are a newer up and coming band I included some information below.

Founded in 2014, THE ARSON CHOIR is. five piece math core band hailing from the Southern California. The Arson Choir’s music is reminiscent to the music that shaped their youth. The Arson Choir offers an authentic experience that is raw, coupled with lyrics that delve into the human experience. Fans will enjoy the nostalgic melodies coupled with a raw organic sound. With each song pushing the limits of their sound, The Arson Choir is a force that cannot be stopped.
THE ARSON CHOIR info:        

  • New EP Invisible Monsters Will be release on October 2nd via War Against Records
  • Trophy Nation is their Debut EP 

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Phil | VocalistKevin | DrumsEric | Lead GuitarSteven | Bass GuitarMarc | Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals


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