Allegaeon-Apoptosis- A Musical Paragon

492656Allegaeon, will deliver their heaviest album yet via Metal Blade Records on April 19th, 2019. Allegaeon, has been known to bend minds with their technical melodic death metal, and their topics of science and such. Well, with their upcoming ravaging album titled Apoptosis, they have surpass anything they have accomplished as a band.

The album kicks in with a beautiful instrumental titled “Parthenogenesis”, where you can hear Brandon Michael on bass deliver a majestic sequence of notes that encompass those of the guitarists, Michael Stancel and Greg Burgess. This song also has a perfect drum section where you can hear fillers, double pedals and great arm work by Brandon Park. For a second, you almost can not recognize the vocalist, as he sounds rabid, and it sure is Riley McShane the one and only. His vocals on the entire album are deadly, his vocal cords are punished violently to expelled this deep gory sound twice as louder and heavier as his previous work. On the second track, “Interphase // Meiosis “ the track starts with a slower riff and drum work, where you can hear the bass too, then it suddenly explodes in your face with fury and speed. The guitar riff in the beginning is intense, flawless and technical as hell. Once you hear Riley’s vocals he instills a sense of horror, you can only envision demons growling such beautiful lyrics. The drum work on this track is relentless, from fillers, to the hammering everything is in there. There is a lot of atmospheric riffs that add a sci-fi feel to this track- still being ravaged by all the elements combined and well executed. These guys don’t mess around, the track is packed with melodies, heavy bass notes and gruesome drum work all glued together by demonic vocals, with a few pig squeals. The titled track “The Secular Age”, is a non-stop attack to your senses. The patterns on the drums match those of the guitar riffs, eloquently blasting away as the guitar emits a dimorphic sound, lead and atmospheric. The guitar solo is a sensational display of skill, with harmonies and heavy riffs this track will lure you in to the mayhem.

The universal transcendency this album will take you in will be a life changing experience. There are so many elements in this album, that will have you listening to each song over and over to absorb all the contextual beauty within this form of art known as Allegaeon. Another track that will blow your mind is “Exothermic Chemical Combustion”, obviously the name is intricate as is, now match that to the vocals, the guitar riffs bass and drum blasts, nothing can compare to this sound. Allegaeon, has consistently delivered a plethora of riffs, solos and unique sounds and this track has all those elements packed in one. A track that jumps off the album, is “Metaphobia”, with a black metal intro, transitioning to a static guitar riff, followed by a perplexed solo in this track Riley delivers more pig squeals, at a lower frequency yet like an enraged swine, amazing work done by his guttural emotion of this epic wave length. Right before minute 3:00 there is a debilitating solo, and ends slow with a few bass notes. Each track has something to offer, from ambiance, destructive drums, demonic vocals, harrowing bass notes and decapitating guitar riffs. The track “Stellar Tidal Disruption” is another one of those cut throat tracks that will floor you. Yes there is some clean singing, it sure makes this album a bit different, but those vocals are sublime. Check out “Apoptosis”, enjoy this track to its fullest. Subsequently, this album is a runner up for melodic album of the year. Allegaeon, have worked hard on this musical paragon. Make sure to get your copy and support the bands that matter.

By: Hostile Jo


The video for the first single, “Stellar Tidal Disruption” (directed by Robert Graves //, can be seen at: – where the album can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:
–opaque grey vinyl (US retail exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
–black / white A/B side vinyl (US webstore exclusive – limited to 250 copies)
–oxblood / milky clear A/B side vinyl (US webstore exclusive – limited to 250 copies)
–clear w/ black smoke vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–silver w/ oxblood splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–transparent purple w/ white and black splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)


Apoptosis track-listing
1. Parthenogenesis
2. Interphase // Meiosis
3. Extremophiles (B)
4. The Secular Age
5. Exothermic Chemical Combustion
6. Extremophiles (A)
7. Metaphobia
8. Tsunami and Submergence
9. Colors of the Currents
10. Stellar Tidal Disruption
11. Apoptosis

Allegaeon online:




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