The Dank Memes Tour Bring Entheos Allegaeon and Rings of Saturn with Fury

In the dark corner of Los Angeles downtown area you will find a hidden gem, a place where lovers of music will gather for a night of drinks and fun. 1720 Warehouse, is that gloomy industrial bar, where you can enjoy some metal and have a nice pint of Stone IPA among many drinks. On Sunday night, America was glued to the television, watching the “Oscars”, while others were in this venue witnessing melodies of metal, gory vocals and moshing relentlessly. Bands like Entheos, Lorna Shore, Allegaeon, Nekrogoblikon and Rings of Saturn delivered a memorable performance during their set.

DSC_0866The night kicked off heavy, with Gloom opening with a loud performance, the fans craved more metal and they received just that. The crowd grew, as metal was delivered by Entheos. Entheos, is a technical death metal band, who has created a destructive sound. From the guitar shredding by Travis LeVrier, and catastrophic drums by Navene Koperweis the band detonates a nuclear bomb of metal waves, which destroys all within it’s path. The venue shook as the band played a tight set, Chaney Crabb, lead singer’s demonic roars will haunt you. Her powerful performance will leave you in awe, as her versatile vocals explode in your face, I guarantee you there is no other woman out there capable of such sound. Bassist, Evan Brewer, has been delivering such depth for this band since day one and his live performance penetrates your body with bass waves, those that  make the earth shake and leave venues in ruins. Entheos demonstrates on stage why they are hailed by metal fans, their newest release titled  Dark Future is another footprint to their brutal sound, and seeing them live will only reasure you of their potency.

DSC_0975A New Jersey death core metal band known as Lorna Shore is another intense band. They came in hot with decapitating sounds, vocalist Tom Barber has gutturals  that resemble the biggest vocalist in the death core scene. With his own touch, Tom Barber explodes, projecting vile sounds that amp the crowd. The tone of  Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley’s guitars is perplex, with breakdowns and palm muted riffs that allow metal heads in the pit throw fists, kicks and lash out their passion for the scene. Drummer Austin Archey’s double pedal and skills are debilitating. His powerful booms and pows blow dust off the ground itself. Mine bombs are detonated when this four piece metal band stands tall on the stage. Keep an eye on these guys, they will be making waves in the death core scene for years to come.

DSC_0019The diverse sounds of this tour line up are exposing fans to all sorts of melodies, themes, and experiences. Allegaeon, a Colorado five piece melodic death metal swept the venue with songs like “Proponent for Sentience” among many. During this delivery of melodic death metal Riley McShane sang violently for lovers of the genre, and with his energetic performance the fans lost their shit. His raw power transcends on stage as it does into the moshpit, allowing fans to relentlessly rage and crowd surf. With the guitar godlike skills by Greg Burgess, melodies were instilled on guitar solo aficionados. The counterpart of Greg is a young Michael Stancel, who virulently shreds on guitar with ease, adding his energy to the performance.

DSC_0025Endless guitar riffs are accompanied by amazing drumming skills by Brandon Park. The speed of his hands convey an excruciating sound on drums, double pedals carry force across the venue leaving you weak on the knees. Brandon Michael on bass is monstrous, and  his performance during the track “Gray Matter Mechanics- Appasionata Ex Machinea” is simply insane. Their is a consistency with each performance by Allegaeon, and their past few records have set them at the top of their genre, therefore their live sessions are not to be missed. The science theme melodic death metal band, Allegaeon stole the show with their speed, and deliverance of majestic sounds.

DSC_0292Prior to the headliner, Rings of Saturn, fiendish Nekrogoblikon conquered metalheads the insatiable thirst for grim sounds. With a killer synthesizer, Aaron Minich enjoys a beer as he performs some rhythmic sounds. Infecting the crowd with his vile vocals, Nicky Carlonne ravages the stage telling tales of goblins and misanthrope. Guitarist Alex Alereza bonds with the creature that lurks in the dark, as he shreds and delivers brutal riffs. Nekrogoblikon keeps the crowd raging, creating a grim atmosphere for fans to rage in.

The night was concluded by a trio, a talented outfit named Rings of Saturn. The themes purveyed by this technical death metal band are alien like. Their sound transports you to another dimension with aggressive guitar riffs and gory vocals. Miles Dimitri Baker shreds on guitar, playing his six string beast, he masters a pick sweep and perplex fret tapping. If you are in for a catastrophic sound, be ready to hear Aaron Stechauner on drums. The speed on this guys’ foot work paired up with his pows are destructive. Aaron is the force that drives this band, with his energy the band executes magnificent. Iran Bearer feels the beats in his bones as he sings with such gutturals, even demons bow down.DSC_0586

The trio did a brutal set, with melody, and aggressive vocals which bended minds as guitar solos were perfectly executed by Miles, and roars were exhaled by Ian, all in contrast to explosive drums by Aaron. Rings of Saturn headlined a magnificent tour, with support by comrades of the metal scene like Nekrogoblikon, Allagaeon, Entheos and Lorna Shore. The dank memes tour will continue, to ensure your entry to witness such brutal performances get your tickets and be ready to be floored.


Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

Remaining The Dank Memes Tour Dates

Full Gallery of Entheos, Nekrogoblikon, Lorna Shore, Allegaeon and Rings of Saturn





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