Meshuggah: Hallucinations of The Mind, Transcending Through Music

DSC_0511The brain can be elated in multiple forms, whether it is by outside hallucinogenics, a sky gazing night, a touch or a brutal song; all release the energy within a person’s body. The sound waves of metal, despite the sub-genre, create a distinct euphoria in the human mind, one that renders humans to thrash, mosh and rage. This past Sunday night, the San Francisco Fillmore Theater was rampaged by the potent sounds of Toothgrinder and Grammy nominee Meshuggah. The two bands packed the legendary Fillmore, where the venue was peacefully rampaged.

The co-headliner for this night, Toothgrinder, brought some energetic youngsters on stage, who with emotion played an extended set for the masses. Straight from Asbury, New Jersey, this technical metal core band was interactive on stage, and projected a heavy sound across the venue. Justin Matthews has powerful vocals, he unleashed the demons within. Despite the technical difficulties from the audio booth (his mic was off for a song or two)  you could still hear him roar behind the loud instruments. The guy never stopped singing, that delivered a deeper and heavier set. As Jason Goss and Johnuel Hasney on guitars delivered a majestic technical melody, drummer Wills Weller wrecked his drum set with destructive blasts; an energetic bandDSC_0592 to observe live indeed. Meanwhile, bassist Matt Arensdorf blended the sounds together conveying a powerful overall tone. These guys have the passion and drive a metal band needs to make it big, not to mention the skillful guitar player Jason Goss, manifested sounds that will make your head roll.

The Fillmore had just seen the beginning to a night filled with loud blast, gory vocals and pure sonic mayhem, as Meshuggah set their stage, the fans anxiously awaited to be left in awe. Meshuggah, was Grammy nominated, but they had one job to do in San Francisco and they nailed that task. Meshuggah is known for their phenomenal music with songs like “Bleed” and “Clockworks” on their set list, they reanimated the dying souls of metal fans that night. The light show they produce is another spectacular phenomenon. Their latest debauchery is out now via Nuclear Blast Records, titled The Violent Sleep of Reason, a concoction of pure savagery. The lights go off, the venue silences, when suddenly you see Tomas Haake, walking up to his throne, slowly the band appears, from Dick Lovgren, to Jens Kidman, the fans scream with DSC_0710excitement and the cannon blast explode, the set has begun. You can feel the floor shaking, and it is not the music it is the metal heads jumping, raging and moshing to their favorite tunes. Marten Hagstrom delivered some magnificent Djent sounds, as you hear the bass resonate making the Fillmore’s walls tremble.

Chandeliers above the masses, they swayed side to side dancing to the beats of Meshuggah, who blames them this band annihilates all within their path. The smell of ganja is diffused around the venue, and bodies dance in a trance, as their ears were assaulted by the riffs of “Born in Dissonance”, the lights added that ravaging feel too. It is known that Meshuggah will elicit your body, mind and soul. Never before, had I witnessed such a relentless performance, the band prepared for the show at the Wiltern back in Los Angeles, Ca. San Franciscans were left with the desire to hear more, sweat was dripping and faces were visible; a non-religious experience swept the Fillmore.

DSC_0733Meshuggah delivered a catastrophic performance, leaving The Fillmore shaking, they continue their trek to Los Angeles, preparing for the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise. The Meshuggah face was seen across the venue, fans rejoiced as this experimental band delivered a godly performance. Toothgrinder packed some pain as well, they deserved to be the co-headliner as their energy pervaded the venue. With guitar skills of gods, the band executed their set with fury, despite the sound issues, they never halted as they continue to perform like the professionals they are. Check out the images of the catastrophic event, and make sure to get your copy of their music. Let the metal reign again, and keep rocking out.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos




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