The Reaktion- Similitude; A Versatile Sound of Hard Rock

reaktion3The Reaktion, a hard rock band from Chile will release their second full LP titled Similitude on October 27th, via Mainia Recordings. They kick off their album with a catchy heavy riff and powerful drum sequences on track titled “Obnoxious”, with impact on their breakdown and intense sounds. The Following track “Little World” is a blend of mellow tunes, with harmonics contrasted by Simon Rojas powerful voice. The elements of death core are definitely resonant in this track in certain sections, and the level of skill executed in this song makes this tune an instant radio hit. The Reaktion changed their sound just a bit with this album, but remains with the sampling sounds on the background during guitar breakdowns.

The Reaktion is known for spreading a message of love and up rising in a positive way, pushing you to think beyond what stands before you. With this album they stepped outside themselves and delivered a powerful sound, ready to take on the world. The song “Ethnia” is a soft rock melody with marvelous drum work and a melancholic tone in the voice. This song will definitely have you rocking on your drive through the PCH, during a hot summer day. As the cd spins, you stumble upon the track titled “S.T.A.R.S.”, an upbeat song, with an indie rock sound. Elements of hard rock kick in with a distorted guitar as Simon Rojas expands his lungs singing in a cleaner voice during this tempo changing song. This song is fit for a nice run down the beach, it will hype you up making you feel alive.

The energy driven band has delivered a versatile album, with various elements, from saxophone sounds to their well known breakdowns mid songs, and each song injects you with a nostalgia from beginning to end. With this album the band has proven their ability to make music which they want to hear and their talent allowed them to create a catchy record. The Reaktion recently toured in the States, and even rocked The Viper Room, but they did their debut at the Knottiest three years back, with fans raving about their sound. Make sure to get your album and spread the message.

Written by: Hostile Jo



This is what Simon Rojas weighs in on the new album- “Only you can find your own revolution”


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