Coma Cluster Void Video Play Through- “Path of Lies”


 Atonal Death Metal/Math Metal Collective COMA CLUSTER VOID Premiere “Path Of Lies” 10-String Guitar Playthrough Video At ItDjents, Tease Upcoming EP


While many bands are content to play it safe and create metal music within normal confines, there’s always going to be brave outsiders like Coma Cluster Void pushing the genre forwards. The multi-national collective (Ft. ex-Cryptopsy, current Akurion vocalist Mike Disalvo) released one of 2016’s surprise hits with their debut album, Mind Cemeteries.

Today the band partnered with ItDjents to premiere a 10-string guitar playthrough for their song “Path Of Lies”. Of interesting note, the video showcases guitarist John Strieders rare gift in the metal world for playing without a guitar pick, exclusively utilizing a fingerpicking style instead. Additionally, the band  has chosen today’s premiere as a vehicle with which to tease the announcement of their upcoming EP, Thoughts From A Stone, slated for release later this year.




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