Musink: Celebrates a Decade of Punk Rock, Ink and Lifestyle

Musink turned ten, and in celebration of that milestone Travis Barker, Bill Hardie, John Reese and Sean Akhavan put an impressive band line up, low rider display and an extensive list of talented tattoo artists. The Orange County Fair Center was the place of attraction from March 17th, to the 19th, three days where many people gathered to enjoy rocking bands.DSC_0460

The punk rock scene has bands that for years have pumped up the masses, and their sound is faster and catchier than ever. As you enter the Musink premises, you can hear that little engine, and needles working hard as it transfers ink to skin of  lovers of the art. The tables were filled with artist like Corey Miller and Freddy Negrete among the many. As you walked across the hall where the ink aficionados got work done, you would enter a room filled with shinny, metallic blazing hot low riders. This hall is known as the “Low ’N’ Slow” room, where you can see the hard work invested on tremendous decked out rides. You can find pimped out ’65 Impalas and Chevrolets, just like you did in magazines. The car’s details were meticulously designed, from the artwork and patterns on the rims to the seat upholstery. Each car showed a devotion, and a lifestyle only the creators and anyone who can appreciate these rides contain within. There were also a few motorcycles, displaying what a creative mind and vision can morph a simply bike, into a work of art. The rides and ink was only an introduction to what awaited beyond the gates into The Hangar.

DSC_0276The Hangar was the place where punk rock fans gathered to listen to classic tunes and mosh, and mosh they did. On day one, The Vandals went on stage, making fans go berserk. The night resonated across the fair ground, where Rockstar Energy Drink was flowing in to cups, and quenching mosher’s thirst. The Pink Taco food truck brought some of their food to feed the masses. The Famous Stars and Straps booth was packed and many spin the wheel to get a koozie, keychains or even coupons for online purchase with up to 25% off your total purchase. The closing act for the night was NOFX, and the crowd went wild as these guys gave them punk riffs. NOFX is a well known band, and that night they showed the fans why they are legends. 

The Festival continued, as the second day came around with a line up that was uplifting and ensured fans to have fun. The opening act for this day was Hell or Highwater, featuring Brandon Saller of Atreyu, this band warmed up the fans to a festive night to come. DSC_0230The sound by Hell or Highwater is cathcy, and fans enjoyed each second of their set. Story of the year went on stage, followed by Goldfinger. The fans were ecstatic, as Goldfinger ravaged the stage with their classic tunes and punk style. The moshpit was half the venue in size, and the crow-surfers had nothing stopping them as Travis Barker jammed with Goldfinger. The highlight of the night indeed.  Glassjaw performed right before the headliner, The Used, and the fans swayed side to side as the Long Island band played their post-hardcore sound everyone loves. The Used went on stage and made the older fans reminisce of their high school years as they played songs from their earlier albums. The fans forgot about what surrounded them outside the Hangar and enjoyed tracks from Formation and Demons From the Present to some recent work. Bert McCracken’s persona was vivid and urged fans to enjoy the night as if adulthood was non existing, and fans raved on.

DSC_0291For the third and closing night Unwritten law and Swingin’ Utters warmed up the stage with some angry yet amazing music. Punk as we know it, was alive and reminded all the fans why Musink is such a great festival. Pennywise brought the pain to us all, soon after Pennywise went on stage, the crowd exploded and the pit was from end to end of the venue. People of all ages were there to support the music that has given them a reason to rock out and continue this lifestyle. Fans called their friends that could not be there to share with them the nostalgia this band awaken inside. Meanwhile others moshedin the pit with that kick of energy they ingested as they consumed the Rockstar Energy Drink that was handed to all thirsty concert goers. The walls of steel in the Hangar were able to resist the trembling effects produced by the music waves and the energy projected by the rabid fans. As it was time for Bad Religion to wreck havoc. Bad Religion brought more fun, energizing music to the night. A night filled with kids, teens and people in their mid 20’s who love this band. The festival was concluding, and fans wanted more as they fed off each others energy and the great music. This is the festival where you want to get tatted by famous artists, those who live in other states, even countries. The reason to celebrate music, cars and ink turned their lights off until next year.

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