Darkthrone, “Eternal Hails” is Perpetual Darkness

In the decade’s past, many black metal bands have emerged from the darkness and credited musicians like Celtic Frost and Darkthrone among others as a huge influence on their music. It is time for Fenriz and Nocturno Culto to take their throne back, and have rightfully done so with the release of this sludgy, ominous new black metal album titled Eternal Hails… No other sound can compare to the dark melodies created by Darkthrone, in this album each track is packed with heavy riffs, sticking with their roots, and adding a sludgier twist to tracks like “His Masters Voice”. This seven-minute track kicks off slow, merging into a dark abyss with heavy doomy riffs taking you back to the days when the black metal movement was creating chaos in Norway. The titled track “Hate Cloak” is another testament to the gloominess of Norways winter bane. 

This album is easy to listen to, with the stigma black metal bands have of recording with mediocre or lo-fi sound the edge is still there, however the production on this album is superb. Not only can you hear the vocals, but you can also enjoy the hammering and rhythmic guitars on tracks like “Wake of The Awakened”. It is of no surprise black metal is making a mark with bands from the early years which continue to deliver magnificent albums, Eternal Hails is one to make its footprint worldwide. The distinctive vocals of Ted are compelling, adding life to the lyrics and creating a perpetual darkness.

There is an attraction to black metal, whether it is the darkness of the lyrical themes or the aggressiveness of the instruments Darkthrone have picked up right where they left off as if time had not hindered their creative minds one bit. On the track “Voyage to A Northpole Adrift” you can hear some punk influences which reshapes the album, one which has many phases musically. Those phases and rhythms create a unique sound, giving Darkthrone a black metal progressive take allowing their creativity to have no limitations and push the envelope with this magnus opus. Each track is longer than previous work, allowing each song to evolve as you listen to it and intake the talent of these black metal purveyors known as Darkthrone.

By: Jose Barrientos

Eternal Hails is out now on the following formats and is available to order HERE (https://darkthrone.lnk.to/EternalHails )

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