Anaal Nathrakh A War Apocalyptic Sound

anaalnathrahkcoverAnaal Nathrakh, masters of horror, industrial and aggressive death metal will unleash their 10th full length album titled A New Kind of Horror via Metal Blade Records on September 28th, 2018. This is not music for the faint hearted! When it came to writing the lyrics that will encompass with the brutality this album portrays, Dave Hunt stated-  “ This was not a happy album, it is bitter, vengeful, sarcastic, sardonic, violent, terrified and horrified, terrifying and horrifying in equal measure. Above all, it is human, and all that that entails. It’s as sincere as we could make it.”

With that being pointed, the album titled A New Kind of Horror,  kicks off with the neck breaker track titled “Obscene as Cancer”, from the double pedals to the potent guitar works, the atmospheric sounds match a perfect gory voice pairing with clean vocals. The song alone, draws you into a warp of violent turns, where each music note and drum blast rips your skin off in the vortex. There are many elements that compose this song, from industrial sounds to heavy guitar riffs all perpetuate an evil inside. The third  track titled “The Reek of Fear” kicks in with a hauling guitar riff, and those distorted vocals that will instill fear in your soul. The sequence of drums in the first few seconds are faster than a machine gun and deadly as well. A track which you have already been exposed by Spotify and such is “Forward!”, this is another machine gun attack, inspired by WWI and war itself. This track will slow down your tempo, but its heavy as an artillery attack.

If you want faster  BPM songs, check out “New Bethlehem/ Mass Death Futures”, another war song, which talks about the nuclear powers becoming stronger in the modern day, such as Russia. The melody in this song makes it unique, it transports you to a destructive world where you are the spectator as chaos is unleashed; you feel the blast on the drums, the rage in the vocals and the definition by the guitar riffs. This track is exhilarating, it defines the current world and attacks it with versatile sounds such as the synthesizer notes and brutal guitars. We will skip the next track to avoid repetition, but the second you hear “Vi Coactus”, guitar riff, and the growl, you know you are in for a macabre song. The track has once again those infernal drums, and theatrical symphonies kick in instilling a horrid sentiment. The song is relentless, in 3:43 minutes it disembowels all living form that stands before it. This track has a passage which speaks of true evil and defiant experimentation- simply astonishing, prepare your self for the horrifying truth of wars. The other highlight of the album is the closing track “Are We Fit For Glory Yet?” is has an breathtaking chorus and symphony. This track is the sound of Anaal Nathrakh, however their sound has evolved to this potent tenth album. They did not go back to old school, nor did they attempt to record something similar to previous works. They completely worked based on instinct and delivered a grotesque record that will numb your senses.

By: Jose Barrientos

A New Kind of Horror track-listing
1. The Road To…
2. Obscene as Cancer
3. The Reek of Fear
4. Forward!
5. New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures
6. The Apocalypse Is About You!
7. Vi Coactus
8. Mother of Satan
9. The Horrid Strife
10. Are We Fit for Glory Yet? (The War to End Nothing)

Anaal Nathrakh line-up:
Mick Kenney: all music, production & mastering
V.I.T.R.I.O.L.: all vocals (except chorus of Vi Coactus by Brandan Schieppati), lyrics & themes

Anaal Nathrakh online:


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