The Redwood Stills Rocked the Cat & The Fiddle in Hollywood.

DSC_5433The Cat and The Fiddle a local Hollywood Irish pub hosted a night of live music on Friday September 28th, 2018 and the acts were talented musicians. Troy Romzek played a magnificent set of blues and rock and roll. With his ability to play the piano, Troy rocked the opening act for a heartfelt blues set. The man is a master of his craft, with powerful vocals and that style, the man carries himself as a proud musician.

The Redwood Stills, who have played at the now gone House of Blues in Hollywood among other venues came carrying their acoustic guitars. A different set from that which they are use to playing, more of an electric sound. This acoustic set, however did not disappoint the crowd. From songs like “Rocking Chair” to “Calinsanity”, one of their newest song off their latest LP The Blog swayed the crowd. Ronnie McCawley and Ben Uhrig played a very tight set. With both rhythm and lead guitars in an acoustic format, the duo rocked the stage. On a more personal setting, the fans still sang along to “Sit With Me A While” and both guitarist projected a passion for their music on this blue night.DSC_5579 Ben’s voice will definitely make your skin crawl, singing to each song with devotion you can feel an emotion deep inside you that alleviates any sorrow, and instills joy. Ronnie Mc Cawley on lead guitars plays a tasty sound, one that will make you want to grab a guitar yourself and rock out.

There is much more to this band, beyond the creation and writing style to their live performance they captivate old and new listeners. Their sound is folk, funk blues with a touch of rock & roll. If you have yet to see these guys live, you need to keep an eye opened.


Written by: Jose Barrientos

Photos by: Jose Barrientos