Rapheumets Well- The Exile

rapheumets-well-press-photoThe orchestrated chaos written by this American band is simply breath taking, Rapheumets Well is the embodiment of evil, with the sounds that will bring you a brutal, furious and ominous feel with each track on their new album The Exile out March 18th. Test Your Metal Records is the transgressor, and they have done us right, they have selected Rapheumets Well to portray the most melodic, brutal assault of 2016 you will hear from these N.C. based legions. The depth represented by each artists on this band is simply astounding and the majestic sounds will take you to a Transylvanian castle walking in the dark halls, and hearing orchestras play behind you as you linger candle lit. The first song on their album The Exiled, Resurrecting the Blood Gate is a slash to the throat with that initial powerful drumming and guitar riffs. The vocals are deep (Jeb Lairo), remind you of Peter, from Vader. The guitar build up and riffs are beautifully written and the melody is crisp. Annette Greene on clean vocals is angelic, gives the sound an enigmatic feel during each catastrophic music note.

The American symphonic scene is given a power that will influence the future of metal. The cannons on track Crucible of Titans will revive an agonizing soul, and save them from the dark abyss they were clinging to. Each beat is engineered by Joshua Ward (Nasaru), and on track The Resurgence he showcases the ability of European drumming style with that deep double pedal and bolts that will resonate in hell. The bass is very well distinguished in this track too, and Jon Finney gives the track a solemn sound, one that will transport you to a parallel universe. Aaron Rogers on keys/synths adds the majestic sounds of the victorian era, where metal seems to have existed. The atmosphere added by this virtuoso elicits your mind, and soothes your soul as the maelstrom is unleashed on guitars. Metal always has those killer guitars, and Brett Lee and Hunter Ross add the fastest riffs to each song. But if you want to hear it check out the track titled “The Exile” the guitar riffs are brutal, speedy and heavy as brass balls. The melodic riff in minute 1:29 will melt your face, as it transitions to a killer quit solo. That song alone is a barrage of fucking brutality. This band has an element of destruction and all sounds emanated are meticulously fabricated to revive those dying souls, and of course create a moshpit!!

The band has teamed up with some great acts for their future tours and one of them is Fleshgod Apocalypse, who wreck shit up with their brutality as well. Check out the line up of shows and dates and make sure to get your tickets, support this brutal N.C. symphonic black metal.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Check out their Sound- Get your Digital Copy here: https://rapheumetswelltym.bandcamp.com