Top 20 Best Album Releases of 2017



Kreator brought some artillery to 2017 with their release of Gods of Violence via Nuclear Blast Records. This record is loaded with German Thrash Metal that will have your arm hairs standing and leave your neck sore. They conquered America twice, one of those being the ultimate Fest, Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. German legends have delivered indisputable metal, with mind bending guitar solos, furious drums and great bass work. The quartet is placed on the #1 spot because, well have you heard the album? Check out the Full gallery of their performance here. 






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The masters of death metal, Cannibal Corpse from Buffalo, NY take spot #2, as their follow up to A Skeletal Domain titled Red Before Black brings the darkest thoughts of a serial killer to life. This record is packed with decapitating guitar work, mind blowing drum work as well as bass, while George Corpsegrinder Fisher gores out. The depraved lyrics, and mutilating songs will push the envelop and have you slashing and bashing, just what Cannibal Corpse intends to do. Get your copy out now via Metal Blade Records.







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The Satanic mantra by Austrian blackened death metal outfit, Belphegor takes #3. If you are ready to worship satan, praise the stars and bow down to Baphomet, this record –Totenritual, will succumb you to the ritual. Belphegor has been a debilitating force for over 10 years and their sound will instill euphoria on your feeble body. Get this brutal album out now via Nuclear Blast Records, and join the sacrifice. Check out what Helmuth has to say about this record here.









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California natives, Warbringer stepped out of the woodwork and skillfully delivered a neck breaker. Their 2017 early release of  Woe To The Vanquished is a masterpiece. John Kevil and the gang talk about bombs, gunfire and well war. Their talent on guitars, drums and bass excels any of the early thrash metal bands, of course with all due respect, their musicianship is beyond this world. Warbringer is definitely a band you want to see live mosh and thrash the scene. Get your copy of this brutal record out now via Napalm Records. Check out our chat With John Kevil here.








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Another California local band, Exhumed brought the dead to life with their brutal rendition to old school death metal and the 1800’s butchery with the album titled Death Revenge. This record is gruesome, and depicts what has been forgotten in current days by other death metal bands, the roots. Their knowledge and skills allowed them to conjure this deadly record landing it on number 5. Make sure you get their album out now via Relapse Records. Check out our chat with Matt Harvey here.










Are you looking for some mind warp and out of this world guitar solos check out Allegaeon’s released titled Proponent of Sentience. This records is a delivery of tasteful metal. From the guitar work to the drums and bass, Allegaeon continues to grow and astonish fans. This record lands on number 6 and it will surely take you to another dimension, a brutal display of skills. Get your copy out now via Metal Blade Records.








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Ram lands on number 7 based on pure (magical) musicianship. Their strong heavy metal sound is dominant, and their conceptual album ROD will have you headbanging through the entire record. Ram has delivered a magnificent album, if you have not listened to this record make sure to get your copy. Their record came out via Metal Blade Records, and the fury of heavy metal is packed in this one. One must ask what drives their creativity and talent, well some of those questions were answered check out our interview here.










Goatwhore is our 8th choice, their new record Vengeful Ascension is vile, and full with malignant music. This is the type of metal you want to listen to while you are snowboarding, working out and get your blood pumping. Goatwhore has delivered brutal metal for some time now, and their energetic live performances led us to this final choice. Their current tour with Venom Inc and Toxic Holocaust reassured us of their powerful skills on stage and in the studio. Their sound is crisp, ominous and will have your head spinning. Metal Blade Records had the honor to release such a brutal record, and Ben, Sammy, James and Zack are the sound of NOLA, the sound of brutal death metal. Make sure to get your copy of this crucial piece of metal. Full Gallery of their Ozzfest Meets Knotfest performance is here.








For years, the pioneers of black metal Venom Inc took some time off, and as the fans asked them to reunite the band listened and purveyed this killer album titled Ave. For that We placed them on #9.  This record hits your hard with the first track titled “Ave Satanas”, a powerful ass kicker. If you enjoy doom metal blended with metal this is the album you want to listen to. Mantas, Abadon and The Demolition Man do not hold back on their world views, as they deliver a reckoning with this album. Venom inc opened up their touring bus doors to me, and we spoke world issues, metal and how they started their butchery once more with a different name, but better sound. Check out their new album out now via Nuclear Blast Records and our interview with Venom Inc.








Immolation unleashed their 10th Studio album, a destructive force, titled Atonement via Nuclear Blast records. With a few line up changes and newest guitarist Alex Bouks, Robert Vigna, Ross Dolan and Steve Shalaty went and butchered stages with The True Mayhem and amphitheaters were ravaged. Their new album Atonement is a malignant masterpiece, with chops and guitar solos no one can match. Immolation lands on number 10 in our chart. The track the sets the album on the spotlight is Destructive Currents, the guitar work, and vocals are what defines this band paired up with brutal drum work, it all just hits your ears with chaos. Make sure to get you copy of this album if you have not yet.





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E, by Enslaved has powerful black metal and fold influences. This record will suck you in, as you listen to hyms, black metal and these icons. The intro song “Storm Son” has magnificent elements, black metal, ambiance, and much more if you take a deeper listen. Black metal is meant to instill a feeling of darkness and tranquility filled with ravenous impulses, that is how you know the music is causing effect and moves you. Deep in your brain Enslaved is triggering a reaction, and E is definitely what black metal is intended to sound like. Their album was released via Nuclear Blast Records and it has powerful vocals, among other elements you must pay close attention to. Check out our interview with Ivar Bjornson.






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The Black Dahlia Murder have landed on number 12, as this brutal melodic death metal album titled Nightbringers excels with brutal force. The record has so much power it will blow your mind up. They landed on number 12 with their brutal release, check out our review of this album here, and make sure to check out the full gallery as well, Metal Blade Records graced us with their killer record.








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British symphonic black metal band, Cradle of Filth has done a great job in creating this masterpiece titled Cryptoriana-Seductiveness of Decay. We had a chat with Dani Filth where he discusses everything about the album and the time and efforts the new bloodline has conjured. The track “Achingly Beautiful” takes you back to “A Ghost in The Fog”, the sound is amazing and the guitar solos included in some songs bring a new Cradle of Filth to life. This album has elements of the earlier Cradle of Filth, minus the interludes, which is not a bad thing at all. Yet another release via Nuclear Blast Records.






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Morbid Angel’s return was a magnificent way to end the year, and Kingdoms Disdained will bring hell to your stereo, Cd player or what not. The heavy sounds of guitar are encompassed with brutal vocals and Morbid Angel brutalized their instruments to deliver such powerful record. The band completed a tour in North America with Revocation, Suffocation and Withered and the fans enjoyed every second of it. If you want to listen to some old school death metal make sure to get this brutal record out now via Silver Lining Music.









Rings of Saturn landed on number 15, with their mind bending work of Ultu Ulla, a beautiful composition of progressive riffs, and chaotic drums. If you want to listen to some intricate guitar playing make sure to listen to the entire album. Miles Dimitri Barker shreds like a pro. The guys recently conquered the Nuclear Blast Stage at the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. They also finished an Indonesian tour and they guys simply have more fuel to go. Make sure to check out our interview with Miles here. 






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Warbeast has released what is their best work yet. With singer Bruce Corbitt undergoing some serious cancer treatment the band delivered their souls in this titled album Enter The Arena. The classic sounds of thrash metal and death metal are combined to ravage your ears. From the guitar work to vocals this record is complexed, yet a straight punch to the throat. If you want to rage make sure you get this record.








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Thrown Into Exile are California locals, they have toured heavily and worked hard to deliver what we call a true metal album. Their release of Safe Inside will have you wrecking things up nonstop. Mario and Raymond will have you playing air guitar to each brutal note. These guys will be ravaging The Regent Theater on January 6th and expect countless amounts of brutality. This year they opened the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest stage and they set the Amphitheater on fire. They landed on number 17 in our chart.








Another amazing record by Nuclear Blast Records, this one is by the debutants Beast in Black. Their first album titled Berserker will have you rocking out hard. A compilation of Heavy Metal, and story telling is what this record has. Beast in Black unleashed a story of a hero, backed up by amazing guitar work, clean singing and the drive to make great music. We had the chance to talk to with Anton Kabanen and he gave us an insight of what this record was about, and the process of putting this band together. Check it out here.








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The Swedish sinister/gothic rock band Then Comes Silence will have you swinging side to side as you enter a trance with their new record titled Blood. They want blood and they will get it, the record is a dark themed one, with clean vocals and great composition. There is more to the lyrics than what you hear, the composer Alex Svenson exposes his deeper thoughts in each track and the loud music that pairs with it will make you fall into the darkness. We had the chance of talking to Alex and Seth and they gave us an insight of the composition, recording process and more check it out here.





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The Arson Choir, a California native has unleashed what we like to refer to as a chaotic record, with math metal elements, deathcore if we may and an energetic singer. The Arson Choir released Trophy Nation in May of 2017, and has been part of multiple shows one including the Warped Tour Battle of The Bands. These guys are building momentum and with thoughts on developing a new record the band is exposing the world to their brutal sound. Check out our chat with Marc Motley, guitarist and composer who let us in on his ideal tours, and much more.


We close the poll for the top 20 of 2017, and more categories to come. We will be releasing our top 5 black metal albums, death metal albums, and guitar solos. Stick around and expect a brutal list once more. Thank you for following us, and reading our thoughts. 2018 will bring more metal, more amazing  releases what was your favorite record this year. Comment below.


Top 20 hand picked by Hostile Jo



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