Get A Load of The Work By The Nominees


Nominees Playlist


Child Bite- Negative Noise- “Paralytic Phantasm”-


Barb Wire Dolls-Desperate -“Surreal”



First Fragment-



SYK-I-Optikon -“I Optikon”-



Cobalt- Slow Forever-” Hunt The Buffalo”-




Mantar- Ode to The Flame- “Era Borealis”



Unmerciful-Ravenous Impulse-“Unmerciful”



Destroying The Devoid- Paramnesia-“Paramnesia”




Sabaton- The Last Stand- “The Lost Batallion”



Lamb of God- The Duke- “The Duke”



Superjoint- Caught Up In The Gears Of Application- “Ruin You”



Dawn of Demise- The Suffering- As The World Dies”



Cognitive-Deformity-“Bringing The Deformity”-



Deceptionist- Initializing Irreversible Process-“Irreversible Process”-




Dark Haunters- To Persevere is Diabolical- “In My Fortress”



Death Angel- Evil Divide- “Hatred United, United Hate”-




Darkend- The Canticle of Shadows- “Clavicula Salomonis”-




Ghoul-Dungeon Bastards- “Bringer of War”-



Solitude- Reach for The Sky- “Venoms Angel”



Gatecreeper-Sonoran Depravation- ” Stronghold”-



Lord of War- Suffer- ” Nexus of Hate”-



Stortregn- Singularity- “Acosmic Ascendant”-



Endemise- Anathema- “Anathema”-



Graftvitnir-Graftvitnir- “The Great Beast”-







Arkaik-Lucid Dawn- “From The Void”-

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