Motorhead- They Played Rock & Roll

motorhead_cleanyourclock_promo_009Motorhead, a thirty year long, amazing musical voyage conducted by the one and only Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, who was a roady for Hendrix and became an iconic bass player and vocalist for today’s metal community. We all know the story of how this legendary band became to an end, however let us not recall the bad memory of December 2015. Instead let us live, relive and pass on the legend that is Motorhead. This Sole Page is dedicated to the sounds that were meant to be play louder than anything else, and with a bottle of jack by your side you can watch this iconic videos. Each time we come across Motorhead memorabilia, videos or songs never released we will add those here.

motorhead_cleanyourclock_promo_013Bad Magic was the last colossus written by these three dudes Phil, Lemmy and Mikkey who with sweat, pain and passion released their last opus to this cruel world. Songs like “Electricity” and “Victory or Die” made fans headbang to the old school Motorhead. The live album by Motorhead, Clean Your Clock took set in Munich on Novermber 20 and 21st 2015- UDR and Lemmy decided to record their somewhat last shows. There is no other way to remember the entire band other than blasting this mother one, a few “Lemmy’s” in hand and good memories. Enjoy the show, Thank you for the music – “Lemmy”- R.I.P. -“Somethings Louder Than Everything Else”



Motorhead Live-“The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”
Munich, Germany- 2015

Motorhead Live- “Overkill”
Munich, Germany – 2015

Motorhead Live -“When The Sky Comes Looking For you”
Munich, Germany 2015

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All Photos Belong To : Pep Bonet

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