Lamb of God- American Next Great Act

DSC_0520The Fox Theater was at full capacity as Lamb of God wrecked the venue with their American Heavy metal. Saturday May 28th was the day when Randy Blythe and company decided to create havoc. Images of crumbling society, of buildings being demolished and American people in pain were displayed on the big screens Lamb of God uses during their show. Their visual display prepares the audience for what is to come ahead, as the band unleashes their fury and talent on stage. They kicked off their set with “Walk With Me in Hell” a riveting song that instilled catharsis in the fans. The drums being blasted by talented Chris Adler mimicking cannons as the battle had ensued were superb. Willie Adler was performing as always, with such an ease quenching the fans thirst for metal with his guitar. Randy Blythe dedicated “512” to the members of Suicide Silence the song talking about being behind bars enclosed between four dark walls. This band was able to sell out the Fox Theater, something many bands have not been able to do in LA period. The crowd was vivid, filled with adrenaline moshing during songs like “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For” as well as “Still Echoes”.

DSC_0707Mark Morton on lead guitar shredded killer riffs through out the show, as John Campbell added that heaviness with his bass. It was a sea of metal heads raising their horns as Lamb of God relentlessly executed their amazing heavy sound. One word can describe this experience and that is “Metal”. As for this show many fans united to support the music that is continuously rejected by society, perhaps because bands like Lamb of God among many others speak the truth. These bands speak about politics, society’s ruins and people states of mind. There is no censorship in the metal realm and Lamb of Gods followers sure showed that love for LOG music that night. This band is intense live; you can see Randy Blythe running around from end to end and mid air giving you hell with his powerful screams and vocals. DSC_0512Lamb of God is the next great American act, unleashing the inner fury of fans and portraying their points of view across the nation with powerful metal. Get a copy of their latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang and make sure to catch them on tour, you will surely thank us later.

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