Fatal Illusion-Dystopia

Well, as many have always said, it is worth waiting for quality over quantity. Megadeth has released a monster of a song, “Fatal Illusion” takes Megadeth back to their trash days with heavy riffs and fast drumming. Those are two key factors that Dave Mustaine always makes sure he has in his music. Even with the loss of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Megadeth was able to hold its title as the masters of trash. Fatal Illusion is the song that fans have been waiting, the bass lines by Dave Ellefson are fast and deep with rhythm that will make your skin crawl. The Guitars by Kiko and Dave are skull crushing and tear away at the guitar with a great palm muting as well as  nice blues scales and infernal guitar solos through out the song. Not to mention the work done behind those drums by Chris Adler, with non stop double pedals and pounding beats. It is the genius behind Dave Mustaine’s skills that propel Megadeth forward and the never dying fans that await for phenomenal music. With the album Dystopia out in January 2016, Megadeth are creating a goliath that will be unstoppable. Check out the song if you haven’t alreadymegadethdystopiawithtitle-360x360.

Joe Doe


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