Act of Defiance Kicks off Their North America Tour

DSC_0354Music starts with an idea, desire to succeed and the skills to write it and perform it. Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover ex-Megadeth memebers have left that title behind (ex) they are now Act of Defiance. It is utterly the most fitting name for the band, a trash metal ensemble composed of Matt Bachand (bassist), Henry Derek (vocalist), Shawn Drover and of course the one and only Chris Broderick. These guys are sweeping across the nation, spreading their infectious sound at your local venues, and they have nothing standing before them.


Act of Defiance performed at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, Ca. on May 20th, 2016 in a quaint venue, capable of withstanding the fury of trash metal. The release of their debut album Birth and the Burial was a step forward in the career of both Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover and what a step, no one expected this band to be so talented and amazing. Yes, perhaps Dave Mustaine shut down both members’ ideas, however they have fury, and it’s burning inside. That fury is being projected on stage, where Henry Derek sings violently to songs like “Throwback” and “Legion of Lies”. DSC_0366Bassist Matt Bachand does back up vocals and slaps that bass like a true bassist does, not missing a note while he head bangs. Shawn Drover’s performance was pure adrenaline, as you can hear those cannons echoing in the stage walls rupturing your insides with the double bass pedal. The band is very tight, and their sound resemble that late 80’s trash like Testament and Death Angel with a modern touch on guitars by Chris Broderick. The idea of Chris shredding to his music on stage and seeing him play those majestic guitar pick sweeps with such ease can give chills to anyone in the crowd.

You can hear that guitar shrieking in its intense string pulling and bending, mean while the cymbals are being battered; it is Act of Defiance punishing your ears. The punishment all metal heads crave and anxiously await while in line before the venue opens. There is no small or big venue that will intimidate this set of talented musicians, as together they perform a riveting exhibition of aggressive guitar riffs, bass notes, cannon blasts and violent vocals causing internal bleeding to the metal masses.DSC_0443


The tour of Act of Defiance, which is a cross-country road trip, will also have stops at Canada, where clearly they will enamor metal heads across the nation with their pure trash metal requiems. Check out the dates and make sure you get on board with the band to experience pure adrenaline, and aggressive trash metal at its core.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


Act of Defiance


Check out this video of Act of Defiance destroying the stage at The Boardwalk.




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