Mayhem Festival In Sunny California

I went to the desert in search for an oasis, but instead I found my self at the gates of Hell. I can only summarize what happened as I waited to enter and hear some demons cry. Mayhem Festival 2015 was arranged by Rockstar Energy Drink with a line up that will shake your bones to the marrow. Thy Art is Murder, Sister Sin, Whitechapel among others were the bands destroying the Victory Stage. From the sidelines you could witness as young metal heads mosh-pit and ravage each other exploding that energy out as Guitars and drums were louder than ever. How does Liv Jaggler abuses those vocal cords? Well its an art, she takes us back to power metal times, and Motorhead speed as the guitars power through your ear drums. Add some heavy dust, hot sun and a bunch of angry heavy metal fans during Whitechapel’s shows and you get a brutal mosh-pit. Ofcourse we cannot forget about Thy Art is Murder- who gruesomely attacked the crowd with their tuned down guitar riffs and canon drum sound. This stage was anything but festive- as the sun set and fans got their medal of honor (band merchandise) the Main Stage was setting up for the Main acts, Hell Yeah, The Devil Wears Prada, horror king, King Diamond and S-f*^&!!ng-layer the masters of trash.

Slayer HeadlinesKing Diamond lures you in to your own nightmare, by singing you lullabies about murderous wives, and angry old mothers. King Diamond’s voice is recognizable as it is his trademark, with the melodic metal, heavy fast drums and deep bass riffs King Diamond enchants you and marks a memory in the darkest part of your brain. Slayer set is red, and furious, fire inverted crosses are blown every few minutes, the words “Repentles” flash in a blazing red as Kerry King and Gary Holt trash the stage. Tom Arraya, composed, cries “Chemical Warfare” songs about “Angel of Death” and trebles that bass amp almost godly like. His presence stands, his beard is timeless and behind him the thunderous drums of Paul Bostaph are hammered away. This hell painted red is the stage Slayer is known for, once again Slayer killed the stage!!

Joe Doe


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