Under Our Black Cult Tour: 1720 Warehouse

The invasion of Los Angeles took place in 1720 Warehouse, a venue where most metal bands have been touring heavy lately.  The city of Los Angeles was tormented and set ablaze on Saturday February 18th, 2023. Greek legends, Rotting Christ partnered with Dutch, horror creators Carach Angren, and Portuguese heavy hitters Gaerea with blackened support by Uada. The venue was a madhouse and fans raged to the tunes of each band on the bill.

The night was set and the fans lined up outside during a low temperature winter night. Portuguese black metal outfit, Gaerea opened the night with a devastating energy. This was Gaerea’s first time in the states as they also just signed with US record label Season of Mist, they floored the crowd. The performance by this quintet was exhilarating both guitarist delivered damaging blows to fans ears, as they raised their horns and moshed. The vocalist ravaged listeners ears with his aggressive and beautiful roars. The blasts coming from behind the drum kit are cathartic and the astounding sound of the ensemble will leave you asking for more. Their latest released title “Mirage” is their third record and has shown to be a beast.

Hailing from The Pacific Northwest, Uada brought their pagan melodic black metal to Los Angeles, Ca. The dark mysticism conveyed by Uada on stage is ritualistic and the band performed a tight set. The hooded quartet played a dark set, with amazing melodic riffs and heavy drumming. Uada are masters of their craft, and their ominous energy conveyed on stage summon darkness and harrowed the living dead across the venue. Fans headbanged and praised Uada as their set intensified. This is some of the best black metal hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Continue supporting this black metal outfit as they tour across North America.

Carach Angren, the Dutch symphonic black metal band enticed the crowd with macabre tunes and an explosive performance. After a captivating show by Uada and Gaerea, Carach Angren delivered a deadly blow to fans, having them surrender to the sounds of horror themed songs. With intricate drumming to baroque style keyboards, the gruesome lyrics enamored the crowd. Guitar riffs were haunting, and Carach Angren’s tales spread across the venue while fans sang along and headbanged. Carach Angren brought brutal haunting energy to the stage and the fans loved every track.

The headliner, Rotting Christ, brought with them ferocious songs that made the venue explode as the crowd chanted to each track. The Greeks defined their career over the past three decades, holding steady, yet evolving their sound to what it is now. Their live performance at the 1720 was phenomenal, the energy by both guitarists (Kostis Fouk and Sakis Tolis) transcends fans to a dark realm. With phenomenal guitar solos and heavy perplexed drum work (Themis Tolis), Rotting Christ delivers an ethereal brutal sound. From tracks of most recent release title, “The Heretics” to “Rituals”(2016) and “Aealo” (2010) the crowd headbangs and enthusiastically sings along each track. There was never a dull moment, the show delivered everything the masses craved, heavy drums, gory vocals and phenomenal guitar solos. The night was vivid, as Sakis Tolis chanted “Apage Satana” the crowd grew eager as the drums banged resonating throughout the hall. This was a blasphemous ritual, each track ignited a fire within each soul, Rotting Christ finished the night with their highly acclaimed sound, fans craved more but all good things come to an end. The Under Our Black Cult tour has a few more dates, make sure to catch these amazing masters of the black arts.

BY: Jose Barrientos

Photos By : Jose Barrientos


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