COBRA SPELL Release Video ForGroovy New Single “The Midnight Hour”

International heavy metal act COBRA SPELL has released a new video for their groovy second single, “The Midnight Hour,” taken from the new EP, Anthems Of The Night, out now via an independent release.

Formed by up-and-coming guitar phenomenon Sonia Anubis (Crypta, ex-Burning Witches), COBRA SPELL is slithering its way into the revival era of ’80s glam and heavy metal. The worldwide sleaze quintet features vocalist Alexx Panza (Hitten), guitarists Sonia Anubis and Esmée Van Sinderen, bassist Angelina Vehera, and drummer Léonard Cakolli. 

With “Anthems Of The Night,” the five-piece shows off their prowess and destiny to rule the world by way of guitar shredding, sprawling melodies, over-the-top stage performances, and hooks worth singing along.


Sonia Anubis states:

“Let me tell you; this song is the sleaziest song of our collection. I was searching to create a song that took you back to the groovier sexy ’80s songs. A song that could make anyone feel the heat of the rhythm and dance all night. Want to make your boring party fun? Well, add this song to your playlist, and a reckless night is guaranteed… Composition-wise, I was trying to discover a more blues-rock approach to songwriting. I feel like this is our grooviest track and a mean hard-rocking one for sure!” 

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj, Anthems Of The Night is four songs about sleazy love, partying all night, breaking speed limits, and other tales of downright debauchery. Recorded last December at Comeback Studios in Spain, the EP is aptly fit for a nighttime Summer drive with the top down and the music loud.

Purchase here:

Alexx Panza – vocals
Sonia Anubis – guitars
Esmée Van Sinderen – guitars
Angelina Vehera – bass
Léonard Cakolli – drums

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