Acts of God- Immolation Unleashes Pure Darkness

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Acts of God a dark masterpiece created by Immolation was released today, February 18th, 2022. The fury of this album will bestow darkness upon those who dare listen to it. The album was released via Nuclear Blast Records, you can get your copy online or stream it.

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Acts of God contains a lot of overlays, making this one of the darkest yet, with brutal guitar riffs by Robert Vigna and Alex Bouks; you can hear extreme aggression in each song. The title track “An Act of God” will drag you in to the maelstrom the entire album will unleash on your ears. The band released three videos one for “The Age of Light”, “Apostle”, and “Blooded” all which in an essence deliver dark energetic music waves. Malignant energy explodes out of this album, with tracks like “Overtures of the Wicked” which will harrow you across the dirt and leave you astounded by the power of each drum blast by Steve Shalaty and gory vocals by Ross Dolan. This track will have you begging for more and that you will get.

Immolation is know for their intensity and aggressive tones, the track “Immoral Sin” unleashes its fury in a very tasteful way, with guitar solos across the song and catchy riffs. The drum work throughout this album is relentless and has a sophisticated sound, it emanates hostility and drags you in to a gloomy area, one which you can’t seem to walk away from; willingly. Upon listening to this ominous sound, your brain enters a frenzy, there are no missing elements; it is a simple yet powerful recipe for the death metal album of the year. The band will go on tour and tickets are available here. Make sure yo get your copy of Acts of God, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

By Jose Barrientos

Below is the Acts Of God tracklist:

  1. Abandoned
  2. An Act of God
  3. The Age of No Light
  4. Noose of Thorns
  5. Shed the Light
  6. Blooded
  7. Overtures of the Wicked
  8. Immoral Stain
  9. Incineration Procession
  10. Broken Prey
  11. Derelict of Spirit
  12. When Halos Burn
  13. Let the Darkness In
  14. And the Flames Wept
  15. Apostle

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