EPICA Start Pre-Orders For New Live Opus Ωmega Alive+Unveil Video Of First Single “Unchain Utopia (Ωmega Alive)”

In June this year, symphonic metal titans EPICA unleashed a monument to their music, their career, and their enduring legacy as forebears of a whole genre. The worldwide streaming event “Ωmega Alive” was the EPICA show of your wildest dreams, brought to life by 75 artists and crew members – think Marvel meeting Cirque de Soleil in a Tim Burton universe!

Tailor-made videos and graphic effects, spectacular pyro effects, rain, dancers, choirs and actors, all added to the aura of symbolism and cinematic splendor, that brought fans from over 100 countries to flock to their screens and witness a show that became the biggest concert event in the band’s 19-year-long history. Now, you can finally rediscover the entire opus in various audiovisual formats, available on December 3rd, 2021.

‘Unchain Utopia – Ωmega Alive -‘, the spectacular fireplay and first single off the new release can be watched here:

Download or stream the song here: https://bfan.link/omega-alive.ema

Coen Janssen, the mastermind behind the show’s concept explains: “What we wanted to do was the ultimate EPICA show where we could fulfill every dream we ever had, where there was room for all the ideas, effects and props that are just too big to be taken on tour.” Far from your usual streaming concert, the band developed a trademark feature called a “living backdrop”. “We built another stage right behind our stage where lots of things were going on the whole time. And we meant that very literally,” he laughs. “Every song got something extra, something unique that was fitting its world.”

Directed by Jens de Vos (Panda Productions) and graced by a magical artwork by Heilemania, the DVD, BluRay, CD, and vinyl contain 15 EPICA classics, fan-favorites, as well as first-ever live performances from tracks off the band’s latest chef-d’oeuvre Ωmega, such as “The Skeleton Key” or the insanely monumental “Kingdom of Heaven Part 3”.

The pre-orders have started today and you can get the version of your choice (see list below) via this link:

Ωmega Alive formats:

  • BluRay+DVD
  • 2 CD digipak
  • Boxset
    • CD-version of the Earbook
    • 5x 10” Picture vinyl (Zoetrope vinyl)
  • Earbook
    • DVD+BluRay
    • 3LP (Light Green Vinyl)
  • Earbook
    • DVD+BluRay
    • 2CD
  • Vinyl
    • 3LP in trifold incl 2 lyric sheets:
    • Black in trifold
    • Sun yellow in trifold (NB mailorder and wholesale exclusive)
    • Clear + Green and Black Splatter (NB Mailorder exclusive)
    • Glow in the Dark (Band store exclusive)
    • Clear + White marbled in trifold (EMP exclusive)
    • White with sun yellow + black in trifold (Netherlands + Belgium exclusive)
  • 2 CD/BluRay  – USA exclusive
  • 2 CD/DVD – Mexico and Brazil exclusive

Since forming in 2002, the band has amassed an incredible amount of success, their current album Ωmega entered the album Top 10 in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland. EPICA has toured the globe, performing at venerable festivals including Wacken, Hellfest, Heaven & Hell Festival, Heavy MTL, and Download, while also staging shows in countries where many metal bands have not played including South Korea, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Simone Simons | vocals
Isaac Delahaye | guitars
Mark Jansen | guitars, grunts, screams
Coen Janssen | synths, piano
Ariën van Weesenbeek | drums
Rob van der Loo | bass


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