Anthrax Live 40 Year Anniversary Stream- Pure Adrenaline

For the love of thrash metal, five young kids gathered and assembled what is now known as one of the best East Coast metal bands to the day. Anthrax was formed in New York City in 1981, by Scott Ian and Dan Lilker both with a vision one which 40 years later is still starting mosh pits worldwide. The heart throbbing rhythm and head pounding bass lines became a signature for this ambitious band soon after their debut of Fistful of Metal back in 1984 with record label Megaforce. A band with metal in their veins had emerged from the city reigned by punk.

Anthrax played by their own rules and showed their own personal style with each instrument and on-stage attire. Forty years later, the energy and talent has not diminished one bit, and during their live 40-year anniversary stream they demonstrated why they are the best thrash metal band from the East Coast. The relentless and energy packed set performed in this live stream will give any fan the chills, being able to watch this from the comfort of your home, fans can really enjoy the band up-close and personal.

The set list is one for the books, from “Madhouse” to “Caught in a Mosh” the set was pure adrenaline. There is no other act that can performed a set so thrilling and ravage even the safe place you call home with such brutal riffs by Scott Ian and Jonathan Donais’ fiery solos. Joey Belladonna’s vocals sound fresh and deliver every epic lyric and chorus fans chant to make you jump off your seat. Meanwhile Charlie Benante plays behind that drum kit with ease and comfort making it look easy not even breaking a sweat. If you want to see a bassist, be involved and vibrant you must check out Frank Bello, a magnificent performance by this band all together. There is also a special appearance by Public Enemy’s frontman Chuck D, during their performance to “Bring The Noise” a complete set that could not have been perfect with out this track. This set is a timetable of the years Anthrax has been in the frontlines demonstrating they play what they want to hear and what is relevant to them.

In Forty years have you seen a band do such a tight set, years of practice and talent allow for Anthrax to render such a magnificent sound and live performance. Anthrax outshines their past with a riveting adrenaline loaded stream. Make sure to check out this stream and be ready to rage, open a beer and mosh till you drop.

By: Jose Barrientos

You can stream this performance by following the link –> ANTHRAX

DANNY WIMMER PRESENTS(with Ashton-Magnuson Media)

Anthrax Celebrating 40 Years Livestream (July 16, 2021)Inkcarceration

Music & Tattoo Festival / Mansfield, OH (Sept 10-12, 2021)

Louder Than Life / Louisville (Sept 23-26, 2021)

Aftershock Festival / Sacramento (Oct 7-10, 2021)

Welcome To Rockville / Daytona Beach (Nov 11-14, 2021)

VORAGOS: Destination Lunasea Beach (February 16-21, 2022)

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