Witchcraft- Black Magic – A Poetic Composition

witchcraftlogoMagnus Pelander’s Witchcraft has delivered a new record titled Black Metal, where he shines light on eerie music in a different style. The album Black Metal is an acoustic vexing record, which takes you in a path of calmness and liberating lyrics without any distortion. This album has great guitar work, perfect rhythm and leads with string fingering and macabre transitions. The album Black Metal was released via Nuclear Blast Records on May 1st, 2020 and is a compilation of seven minimalistic tracks filled with emotion, melancholy and ambitious lyrics.



The work by Magnus Pelander is emotional, the guitar work will take you to that dark depressing corner in your mind. The record kicks off with a titled track – “Elegantly Expressed Depression”, mesmerizing and heart striking. It’s a story of sorrow and love, the eloquent guitar work is poignant. Track number three is a slow jam, titled “Sad People”, filled with poetry reminiscing that of the 1970’s style work like Bob Dylan, and American Folk. The titled song “Grow” is a compelling soothing melody, which stirs inner peace and mournful sensation simultaneously. This album derails from the normal rock and roll metal spectrum but it delivers true poetry, igniting the fire within in a world filled with chaos. Each track contains a desolating sound, Magnus Pelander’s talent is defined with this album. If you are looking for sounds similar to that of 2005 Firewood, you will not find that with this album. Instead, Magnus Pelander breaks out of his shell and excels with this poetic composition paired with rhythmic acoustic guitar. A truly irresistible turn of the century well written record.

Given the fact that Witchcraft is a Pentagram inspired band, the poetic roots expressed in this record Black Metal would suffice as a record fit for the melancholic hearts. The lone work by Magnus Pelander goes beyond expectations as he took a different approach to his creative manifestation in music.


By: Hostile Jo


Below is Black Metal‘s track list:


1. Elegantly Expressed Depression
2. A Boy And A Girl
3. Sad People
4. Grow
5. Free Country
6. Sad Dog
7. Take Him Away



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