Warbringer New album “Weapons of Tomorrow” is The Thrash Metal of Tomorrow

warbringerCalifornia’s greatest 21st century thrash metal band, Warbringer has delivered a new album titled Weapons of Tomorrow; yet another fantastic rendition to this genre. The album was released on April 24th, via Napalm Records, recorded by acclaimed producer Mike Plotnikoff (Woe To The Vanquished) as well as other bands like In Flames and Fear Factory and mixed by Zack Ohren well known for his work with artists like Machine Head and Immolation, and given credit for Warbringer’s sophomore album; Walking Into Nightmare.

As genres in metal expand and each month there are more than eight releases, Warbringer needed to do something different, heavy and fast with great story lines. The band outdid themselves with this album, they kick off the chaos with track titled – “Firepower Kills”, an intense song from start to finish. This track has neck breaker drums and mesmerizing guitar riffs as well as solos all perfectly synchronized with amazing lyrics. The track pulls you in with the intro riff and drum work awakening you with Johns Kevil intro lyrical scream “firepower kills!” all which are garnished with that insane riff, perfect tempo and delivery. The standard of thrash metal of our generation has been set by non-other than Warbringer. With harmonics, and melodies this album is packed with neck breaking tunes.  In track titled “Crushed Beneath the Tracks”, it is evident Warbringer can transition from thrash speed to a heavier tone riffs and still add the eruptive melodies throughout the track. The unrelenting energy propelled in track “Unraveling” is unstoppable, containing scorching riffs and drum blasts. The track becomes more vicious as it developes; instilling that euphoria in the breakdown minute 2:15 not compromising the structure of this goliath of a track. This album Weapons of Tomorrow is a ravishing response to Woe to The Vanquished, with unparalleled guitar riffs, prominent bass lines and melodies that will have you succumb to the gods of thrash metal, Warbringer.

If you want to dive in to some thrash metal with a bit of story telling make sure to check out this new killer record by Warbringer, Weapon’s of Tomorrow. Mind numbing guitar solos and riffs, mad drumming work and the ultimate thrash metal vocals with no compromise. Check out the album, buy it, stream it and headbang all quarantine long.

By: Hostile Jo


Weapons of Tomorrow Tracklist:
1) Firepower Kills
2) The Black Hand Reaches Out
3) Crushed Beneath the Tracks
4) Defiance of Fate
5) Unraveling
6) Heart of Darkness
7) Power Unsurpassed
8) Outer Reaches
9) Notre Dame (King of Fools)
10) Glorious End

John Kevill – Vocals
Adam Carroll – Guitar
Carlos Cruz – Drums
Chase Becker – Guitar
Chase Bryant – Bass


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