Cirith Ungol- Releases “Forever Black”- Jarvis Leatherby Talks, pandemic, future tours and more

054314In the early 70’s a band self-financed their debut album titled  Frost and Fire, they are Cirith Ungol from Ventura, Ca. The band is now back on the trenches after a hiatus with the addition of Night Demon’s season musician Jarvis Leatherby. Their latest endeavor titled Forever Black is gut punching and hits the market time fitting with this pandemic. The record contains nine tracks each depicting the sound of Cirith Ungol with some touches by Jarvis Leatherby; who also happens to manage the band. The sound is unique, with foreboding riffs, blasting drums and seventies rock and roll vocals with a touch of death. The band worked hard on this new record and they are excited to release it via Metal Blade Records on April 24th, 2020. Driven by the current issues, the album will instill euphoria and calmness all at once, a soothing record for lovers of dark music. Jarvis Leatherby talks about the current pandemic, future world tours, and how fans can help musicians during this lockdown.

Cirith Ungol’s Forever Black has the doom element, and guitar licks taking you back to the early 70’s a refreshing sound to hear in this saturated metal world. Vocalist Tim Baker sings as if he were in pain, however that gives this dead doom metal band a haunting sound that will perplex your emotions and arouse that dark side some hide away. The drums (Robert Garven) are heavy, rhythmic and have great tempo for the dead. You will not find any thrash metal in this album, its rough edges come from the guitar(Greg Lindstrom and Jim Barraza) and bassist Jarvis Leatherby smooths the sound cohesively. The distorted sounds on track titled “The Frost Monstreme” remind you of Black Sabbath, that catchy intro riff hooks you immediately taking you on a high octane trip down the dessert roads. Mid track you hear a groovy riff, paired with an exceptional guitar solo and eloquent drum work definitely a Black Sabbath moment. The band definitely has versatility as they delivered an upbeat sound on track “The Fire Divine”. The guitar licks kick off right away, opening the way for a rhythmic track with guitar licks left and right and relentless drum pounding.

There is definitely a plethora of guitar riffs in this album, and a the band had been holding off on them. To say the least, “Stormbringer” will definitely be played more than once on your first listen, that introduction is mind bending. Cirith Ungol will definitely be that band you play when you want some catchy, groovy and heavy doom metal. The album drops on April 24th, via Metal Blade Records and it’s a must.

-Hostile Jo

Forever Black track-listing
1. The Call
2. Legions Arise
3. The Frost Monstreme
4. The Fire Divine
5. Stormbringer
6. Fractus Promissum
7. Nightmare
8. Before Tomorrow
9. Forever Black




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