Abysmal Dawn- “Phylogenesis”, Relentless Brutality

AbysmalDawn_MetalGate_RodrigoFredes_3Los Angeles based death metal quartet; Abysmal Dawn completed their most recent endeavor that will floor you from beginning to end. The band worked on this album meticulously and delivered what is known as an arsenal of death metal. The album titled Phylogenesis will be released on April 17th, via Season of Mist Records.

Abysmal Dawn has been in the trenches for a decade, playing live gigs, local and European recently co-headline with Vader in their North American Tour. The sounds and decapitating riffs on this album show the growth of each band member. Some trademarks you can hear in Phylogenesis are the technicality, brutality and melody which gives it a bone chilling effect. The double pedal is a neck breaker, and it will leave you asking for more. The titled track “Mundane Existence” will blow your head off with the machine gun drums and guitar riff vortex. A nifty guitar lick shows Charles Elliot and Vito Petroni’s ability to create catchy riffs. Not only is this track heavy but the tempo is set by James Coppolino on drums and it’s a savage attack. This is extreme death metal at its finest. Try and keep up with the drums and perpetual guitar riffs on this track. Charles Elliot’s vocals are demonic and set the entire mood on this track giving it a virulent sound. The following track titled, “The Path Of The Totalitarian” deserves praise, from the ferocious vocals to the bass line (Eliseo Garcia) being what glue this track together it is a relentless brain smasher. The musicianship of this quartet is extraordinary, their cohesive sounds delivers devastating tunes. Abysmal Dawn has exceeded their skills and demonstrated their ability to write songs like “Hedonistic”, they prove they do not need fast tempo riffs to deliver that heavy death metal requiem.SOM446-Abysmal-Dawn-Phylogenesis-500X500px-72dpi-RGB

In the time of overpopulated metal genres, it is important to keep it fresh with some classic old school death metal tones and riffs; that is exactly what Abysmal Dawn conjured with this album. Phylogenesis has all the elements a modern death metal band needs, with those hints of old school brutality. On the track “True to The Blind”, they deliver a great intro riff, adding a Cannibal Corpse signature muting of the main lead riff introducing a bit of tremolo as the drums blast away transitioning to a harmonic riff in minute 2:19. The album has a human apathetic view, with tracks about failed gods and mental illness. Phylogenesis contains intricate guitar riffs (hooks), bass lines that will shake your inner core, drum blasts and double pedals that will debilitate you at your knees and vocals of one thousand demons. Simply check out the virulent track ”Soul-Sick Nation”  it erupts towards the last minute and a half. Six years later Abysmal Dawn delivers a vicious record, one to leave the audience perplexed at the sounds of each track. The band also covers one of Death’s killer tracks – “Flattening of Emotions”, a phenomenal job done Chuck Schuldiner would be proud. The album endured many personal and professional duress, however once the band put their ideas together, they manifested this album with technicality, melody and brutality. Get your copy of Phylogenesis now.

-Hostile Jo

Track List:
1. Mundane Existence
2. The Path Of The Totalitarian
3. Hedonistic
4. A Speck In The Fabric Of Eternity
5. Coerced Evolution
6. True to The Blind
7. Soul-Sick Nation
8. The Lament Configuration
9. Flattening Of Emotions (DEATH cover)

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