Destruction; German Thrash Metal Titans Unleashed “Born To Perish”


The German masters of thrash metal, Destruction released a classic neck breaker with modern sounds and heavy riffs. The album is titled Born to Perish; it is out now via Nuclear Blast Records. It has been some weeks now since its release and its making waves in the metal community. With a few lineup changes the sound only improves and gets nastier and faster at each track.

Destruction2019bThe album kicks off with a sensational self-titled track, “Born to Parish” as an intense drum intro leaves you floored. The track has intensity, perfect riffs and transitional notes that will engorge your brain and make your ears bleed. This track has all the thrash metal elements for the dedicated metal head. The vocals are crucial in this song, no other vocalist could pull this style so good and make it melodic, at least in thrash metal aside from other German vocalist, like Mille Petrozza of Kreator. The following track, titled inspired by death is another neck breaker worth each second of your pathetic life. If you are looking for guitar licks, this track has a plethora of fingering riffs with hammering and pulling which make this a complexed song. A compelling tack that will make you headbang restlessly and is a true banger. Politically inclined, and filled with savage riffs, drums beats this album kicks off with three amazing tracks.

This is definitely a bench mark for what thrash metal should sound like, with ferocious guitar riffs in both high and low pitch, palm muted and such Destruction will make you rage. The band worked hard on this album, and it shows in each track from “Fatal Flight 17” to “Butcher For Life”. This is a skull crusher of an album, and we had the chance to talk to Mike Sifringer about the work and all it took to get this album released. Check out the interview below.




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