Necroculto of Ketzer Discusses “Cloud Collider”.

363593In April, Ketzer, the German extreme metal band released a killer new album titled Cloud Collider, via  Metal Blade Records. This album has elements of black metal and evil within. The content of the album is dark, grim and aggressive. We had the chance to talk to Necroculto about the release, and more news that you will definiteyl enjoy. Check out the interview below and make sure to give us a follow and a like.


Cloud Collider track-listing:
1. The Machine
2. Keine Angst
3. Walls
4. Cloud Collider
5. Forever Death
6. The Wind Brings Them Horses
7. No Stories Left
8. This Knife Won’t Stay Clean Today
9. (The Taste of) Rust and Bone
10. Light Dies Last



Ketzer line-up:
Gerrit aka I. Destroyer – vocals
Marius aka Executor – guitars
Chris aka Sinner – guitars
David aka Necroculto – bass
Søren aka Desecratør – drums

Ketzer Discography:
Satan’s Boundaries Unchained (2009)
Endzeit Metropolis (2012)
Starless (2016)
Cloud Collider (2019)

Ketzer online:


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