Antropomorphia Celebrates 30 year Anniversary with New Album Merciless Savagery

143422The opus album to be released by Antropomorphia, on April 5th, via Metal Blade Records will floor you with savage riffs, drums and vocals. A band celebrating their 30th anniversary has created a debauchery with this new record titled Merciless Savagery. The album kicks off with a vicious attack, as the guitars entered virulently striking in your ears, you hear the ferocious drums blasting in the background while demonic vocals are growled at you. With each evil guitar riff comes an even more haunting sound from behind the drum set, the titled track “Requiem Diabolica”, is a gruesome showcase of how this death metal outfit has the capacity to instill such powerful force. This song is one of the slowest on the album, but don’t let that fool you, it contains impact, tons of metal hammering away to deliver this perfectly timed track. This track is followed by the tremolo riff deliverance in track “Womb ov Thorns”, which in 20 seconds delivers a fast tempo which guarantees to make you headbang and rage savagely. This track’s bass is powerful and adds depth to this song, meanwhile the drum tempo allows the guitars to express their vile strike.

The virulent sound projected was created with one thing in mind, to entice your inner demons and allow your body to be subdued by the dark realm, the titled track “Cathedral ov Tombs” is a delightful creation. This song has a morbid lick in minute 4:00, and transcends to an even more macabre section where the drums add that element of evil along with the vocals. As the album intensifies, you can hear the flawless guitar riffs on track titled “Wailing Chorus ov the Damned”. This track is packed with sensational drum work, double pedals and malignant vocals all glued together by a heavy bass line and guitar riff that opens the gates to hell.  This album is definitely a malevolent conjuring and each track has its own sound, atmosphere and evil vibe. Make sure to check out this album and be ready to have your head blown off by some of the most gruesome metal yet. 

Take a listen to our interview with Ferry Damen below.

By: Hostile Jo

Merciless Savagery track-listing
1. Merciless Savagery
2. Requiem Diabolica
3. Womb ov Thorns
4. Cathedral ov Tombs
5. Apocalyptic Scourge
6. Wailing Chorus ov the Damned
7. Luciferian Tempest
8. The Darkest Light
9. Unsettling Voices

AntropomorphiA line-up:
Ferry Damen – vocals, guitar
Jos van den Brand – guitar
Jeroen Pleunis – bass
Marco Stubbe – drums



AntropomorphiA online:


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