Inferi- Masters of Technical Death Metal

inferibandThe melodic technical death metal band Inferi, will unleash a brutal skull smasher on April 12th, 2019 via The Artisan Era. The band spent some time developing this album and it shows in the magnificent record put together. The Nashville- based- technical band took the world by storm with their previous release, The Path of Apotheosis, now they will bring you this brutal assault.

The album titled The End of an Era | Rebirth– kicks off with a mood setting intro titled “The Ruin of Mankind”, a two minute instrumental, preparing the world for what maelstrom is to come. The second track titled “Gatherings in the Chamber of Madness” is an immediate delivery of pure mayhem. The vocals are demonic and gory, giving the song a virulent feel. All instruments in this track are aggressive, from the blast beats to the ravaging guitars this track is sure to make fans go ape shit. Check out the drum work in minute 2:00 if you want your head to explode, this section is comprised of a mind-blowing guitar riff as well which glues the entire section together. If you are looking for guitar licks make sure to listen to this track it has a perfected pick sweep, one that will make you weak at the knees. The intensity only prevails as the album continues to spin, there are many elements of technicality, death metal and some of the best composed extreme music there is till the day. Warning, this album will require a neck brace after you are done listening to it, as track three kicks in with an aggressive guitar riff, it only proves that this band has the rage within and skill to deliver such a potent album. The titled track “The Endless Siege” will captivate your darkest thoughts, and enrage your body as the time changes allow you to engorge in technical riffs, relentless drum blasts and striking vocals. This track has a malevolent force, in minute 2:20 it builds up with a melodic bridge bringing in the marching tune preparing you for brutality.

Picture this, you hear technical death metal, you say “oh I’ve heard it all” then you play the track titled “Sentence to Eternal Life”, and you hear the speed of the drums, the octopus like guitar riffs (in terms of fingers moving too fast as if they were tentacles) then you are completely floored by the sound of this ensemble. Yea, I said the same “What the fuck just happened?”, despite the fact that I have heard their latest release Revenant, I was not expecting such a gruesome display of death metal as Inferi has done. This track has punch, not the sweet one either, it contains about 3-5 music signature changes in the first 30 seconds, with riffs faster than the speed of life, yet cohesive and melodic. Inferi are masters of their craft and this record shows it all. If you want to be enticed by the sounds of power metal check out the track “The War Machine Embodiment”, the intro reminds you of that 80’s power metal intro, then it slits your throat as it gets intense and the guitars and vocals just explode. There are few bands that can pull this magnificent flawless delivery of evil in technical form, this band is definitely up on the ranks with other creators like The Black Dahlia Murder, Allegaeon and many more in the heavy hitters zone. The album has an endless plethora of riffs, drums blasts melodies, bass depth and vocals that will tear your skin off savagely. Make sure to get your copy of this blasphemous virulent record titled The End of an Era | Rebirth.

By: Hostile Jo

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**Pre-orders for Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth are now live

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