Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth (Out April 12th via The Artisan Era)

infericover The album will see release on April 12th through The Artisan Era. Before the Nashville-based technical melodic death metal group took the world by storm with their critically acclaimed 2014 breakout hit, The Path of Apotheosis and chart-topping 2018 follow-up, Revenant, the group started their ascension through the ranks with their still revered 2009 2nd full-length, The End of an Era.

Newly recorded with their current line-up and a few new embellishments, the group is proud to finally release a fully re-recorded re-issue of Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth. A slight addition to the album title that symbolizes not only the growth within the band since, but draws attention to the fact that this new version of the release refines the material bass guitar and drum-wise. While largely keeping to how it was originally crafted outside of a stronger more robust production for the new version and two small changes guest spot wise from its original version.

You can catch Inferi live on their upcoming U.S. Tech Trek IV tour dates alongside Archspire, Virvum, and Wormhole. The tour runs from May 9th to June 4th. Information and dates HERE.

**Pre-orders for Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth are now live

Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh comments on The End of an Era | Rebirth
“I’m really excited to finally see this project fleshed out. I have yearned to re-record this album for almost a decade now and I’m glad it happened with the strongest line-up the band has ever had. I think the older fans will be able to appreciate what we have done with the record and new fans will get a new view of the band with a wider perspective if they’ve never gone back to check out our older albums. We are all very excited, now it is time to hit the road!”

Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth Track List
1. The Ruin of Mankind (Ft. Ryan Cho on additional strings)
2. Gatherings in the Chamber of Madness
3. The Endless Siege
4. A New Breed of Savior
5. Sentenced to Eternal Life
6. The War Machine Embodiment
7. The Warrior’s Infinite Opus
8. Quest for the Trinity
9. Forged in the Phlegethon  (Ft. guest vocals from original drummer Eric Brown of Nekrogoblikon)
10. Cursed Unholy

Inferi – The End of an Era | Rebirth Line-up
Guitar, Backing Vocals | Malcolm Pugh (A Loathing Requiem, ex-Entheos)
Guitar | Mike Low (Oubliette, ex-Enfold Darkness)
Drums | Spencer Moore (Phobos)
Bass | Andrew Kim (ex-Seren, ex-Vimana)
Vocals | Stevie Boiser (Equipoise, Ashen Horde, Tethys, ex-Vale of Pnath)

Inferi Social Media Links
The Artisan Era YouTube Channel


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