Winter Slaughter; Brought Some Diabolical Metal Sounds to Santa Ana

The Winter arrives, bone piercing bones has started and the cold hearts of metal heads are just right. To celebrate such dark season, ADHD Entertainment put together a furious line up for their annual Winter Slaughter and some of the powerful bands were acts like Claustrophobia, Insineratehymn and headliner Skeletal Remains among others. The night was filled with rage and heavy hitters.

dsc_2867A lot of bands played an early set and the fans raved about the sounds os Sicarius, and the elements of black metal they performed. They delivered a raging set and prepared the crowd for acts like Insineratehymn a Los Angeles local band. The guys on stage played their hearts out and delivered with some I’m perfections a brutal sound. The band needs to work on a few areas, and maybe the sound could’ve been a bit better for them but nonetheless they killed on stage. It goes to show that no matter what obstacle with out their control and reach, this band can play neck breaking metal. The more they played the better they got, it was as if they were fed by the sound of their slashing guitars and killer drumming. The band that followed, a death metal act similar to Soulfly or even classic Sepultura in the Roots era was Claustrophobia. This trio delivered a spinal cord severing sound. They played, heavy, fast and packed the place with adrenaline. Their set was packed with crushing drumming along with imminent bass lines all which were complimented by the killer sound of guitar solos and raw gory vocals. The fans moshed, and enjoyed a co-headliner that came out of nowhere with a potent performance. Claustrophobia also played a Black Sabbath song, and the crowd enjoyed that as well, going wild and head banging relentlessly.

dsc_3167The headliner, a Metal Blade Records band was Skeletal Remains. They are LA locals as well and once again these past two years it has been a great moment for the death metal purveyors and 2019 will be even better. Skeletal Remains released their latest album titled Devouring Mortality via Century Media Records and it slays. These guys are a take of what Obituary, Malevolent Creation and old school death metal outfits have done. Pure raw, powerful skull crushing sounds. The guys go on stage an play with passion, and rage. Vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Monroy delivers a striking performance, filled with chopping riffs and anger in his low tone deep gore. The drummer, name unknown delivered a neck breaker performance with amazing blasts and speed in each sequence. The band performs with savagery and their set contained songs from their latest album among some older tunes. The guys have embarked on a European tour and they will melt faces over seas. If both guitarist deliver the same intense riffs that blow your brains out Europe will fall to their knees asking for more brutal death metal. This band is exceptionally good and Metal Blade Records did the right thing when they signed them. The band injected the fans with rage and crushed skulls on the Winter Slaughter. Make sure to check out the band’s next performance either in Europe or when they return to the States.


By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos







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