Dimmu Borgir’s Listening Party Courtesy of Affliction, Sirius XM and Nuclear Blast Records

DSC_0939Somewhere in Seal beach there was a gathering, one for the books for many, as they got the chance to witness history in the symphonic black metal realm. Affliction, joint with Nuclear Blast Records supported Norwegian symphonic black metal, Dimmu Borgir, on their album listening party. Their devastating sound will hit the stores on May 4th, and Jose Mangin, Liquid Metal’s voice of reason hosted this event. The margaritas and tacos were plenty, and with a great 50% off sale on all Affliction merchandise fans hailed Dimmu Borgir’s new album titled Eonian.

This album is filled with atmospheric sounds, one that will ravage your soul and transcend it across the universe. For some fans it was an honor to be in the presence of Silenoz, and Shagrath as we all shared a common bond, the love for their music. The DSC_0052album has 10 diabolical songs, filled with some amazing guitar riffs laid down buy masters of misanthrope Silenoz,  and Galder. The theatrical sounds will definitely elevate your body as track after track is ravaged by Shagrath’s ferocious voice. 25 years later and this band still has the powerful sounds they molded and trademarked for the world to witness and hail. The drum work on this album is tracked by Daray, and explosive sounds will weaken your knees, it is no mistake that Dimmu Borgir are the masters of extreme symphonic black metal.

DSC_0033The 10th album, the masterpiece that this record is will take the metal world by the storm. Jose Mangin, played the album in its entirety soon after a Q&A was set up where fans had the chance to interview both Silenoz, and Shagrath. Fans asked what their heart desired, and with joy both members answered. The night was one to remember and all I can say is this is by far Dimmu Borgir’s awakening and boy what a beautiful album this is. Check out the two songs below and make sure to preorder your copy of this amazing masterpiece.


Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos



Pre-order Eonian on the format of your choice here: nblast.de/DimmuBorgirEonian

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