All Souls, A Classic Touch On Modern Rock

PrintRock is always changing and the evolution of it allows bands like All Souls to express their talent via those sounds. Their groovy self titled album is a mix of The Strokes, Queens of The Stone Age and others, this band will capture fans of such sounds and make them dance non-stop.

All Souls met in 1994, but congregated as one in 2015, creating a distinct sound of modern rock. With Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson) and Tony Aguilar (Alma Sangre) joining forces you will listen to something fresh, something worth stepping out of your traditional rock scene, and into this realm of upbeat trance. The originators of the scene bring you this new album titled All Souls, and kick in with the punk/rock blend in track “Party Night”, there is a familiar sound, that of the early 90’s punk scene, even a touch of The Sex Pistols to it. The vocals are comforting, and it is time to lose control as you listen to this track. There is no holding back in lyric content, and musically the band energizes your mind with fresh sounds. The tracks vary in duration, but each second listening to it is worthy of your body’s movements and head banging.

Let this reinvented modern age rock band sway you side to side with their catchy riffs and incredible drumming. There is something for everyone, from guitar solos to clean vocals this band will rock hard. Their song “Money Man” takes you back to the rock and roll days where you sit in your room, mad at your parents thinking of a way to get out of the house. To let loose, to live your teenage years, rebelling. It is an easy listen, soft on the mind, but heavy on the soul. This spring the tunes coming out of your player will be by All Souls, specially that one with a marching intro and infectious riff on song “The Ghost Is Flying Home”. A mellow yet eerie intro, picking up on overdrive on mine 1:00, punching your face with adrenaline. Hey, don’t take my word for it, head over to their web store and order your copy or head over to Amoeba and get your copy, I guarantee you will be rocking out just like you did in those muggy teenage years.

Reported by: Hostile Jo



The Band states- “We had been wanting to be in another rock band,” explains Aguilar. “All Souls also reunited us with Toshi Kasai who produced three of our Totimoshi records. He has his own approach. It’s almost like you enter into a different world with his production. Each song becomes like a journey, and nobody curtailed that. We were all on the same page.”




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