DARKEST HOUR Joins the PUCK HCKY Custom Sportswear Brand Roster

 Darkest Hour “Hockey Scars and Thrash Guitars” Collection
PUCK HCKY (www.puckhcky.com) – the custom hockey apparel brand dominating music merchandise – have recently partnered with an exciting mix of artists, such as Snoop Dogg(who recently sported his PUCK HCKY brand hat on Jimmy Kimmel Live), TestamentOverkillExodus and Gruesome, as well as companies like premier metal label Nuclear Blast RecordsPUCK HCKY is now thrilled to announce their collaboration with massive metal group Darkest Hour.
The Darkest Hour “Hockey Scars and Thrash Guitars” collection features designs that pay homage to the band’s favorite hockey teams. It’s a known fact Darkest Hour root for the Washington Capitals through thick and thin. Thus, the Timeless Numbers and Rapture In Exile jerseys are both done in true Caps style. Darkest Hour then challenged PUCK HCKY with complete creative freedom, and the resulting response to this are the Enter Oblivion and Departure designs. Another fun design cue was taken from Darkest Hour‘s fondness of auto racing. If you notice, every jersey in the collection has a special patch on the left chest that pays stylistic homage to this. Every jersey and other select pieces also include the “Hockey Scars and Thrash Guitars” commemorative patch which feature an actual guitar-body shape used by the guys!
The line not only features hockey jerseys, but also different colored hoodies and tshirts. See below for images of selections from the Darkest Hour collection and visit www.puckhcky.com to see every design.
PUCK HCKY‘s CEO Matt Marini says: “Our collaboration with Darkest Hour is a natural fit. From the first time I spoke with Mike from Darkest Hour, I got a great sense of not only how passionate the guys are about their hometown favorites the Caps, but for hockey in general. The collaboration between Darkest Hour and PUCK HCKY really cuts to the core element of our brand. I feel this is one of our strongest collections to date!”
Since their inception twenty-one years ago, Darkest Hour has released eight studio full-lengths via eleven different record labels, has appeared in major motion pictures and US television shows, video games, and has toured the world extensively covering six of the seven continents. A bastard child born of the mid-1990s, Darkest Hour combines the passion, energy, and soul of punk and hardcore with the style, speed, vengeance, and fury of melodic speed, thrash and death metal. The band has helped defined the entire New Wave Of American Metal sound — blending the raw, hardcore punk of the ’80s, with the Scandinavian death metal of the ’90s – forging a sound that would later become the template for modern metal. While many of their contemporaries have decided to hang it up, Darkest Hour is still charging ahead with invigorated spirit.
Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum says: “As lifelong hockey fans, we couldn’t be more excited to share this PUCK HCKY collaboration with the world. The attention to detail and quality of each item is something that we are very proud of. We have chosen to celebrate some of our favorite NHL teams including our personal home town favorites, the Washington Capitals. If you’re a hockey lover who lives a life dedicated to metal riffing, this is for you. As a kid (before I discovered guitar), I spent every hour I could hanging around ice rinks. I️ spent so much time in ice rinks that they became a place where I️ would discover all sorts of new music, especially metal. These memories serve as a perfect catalyst for our collaboration with the Washington Capitals and now PUCK HCKY! Hockey is in our blood, it’s in the bands DNA, how we discovered our sound in a lot of ways. What better way to celebrate that idea then some killer Darkest Hour-themed hockey apparel!? Get these high quality limited items while you can and thanks again to the good people at PUCK HCKY who we could not have done this without!”
The current PUCK HCKY team roster includes Snoop Dogg, Testament, Overkill, ExodusDarkest HourMeshuggahGruesome, Hed PE, David Ellefson of MegadethAll Hail The YetiDoyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Monster Truck, Ice Guardians movie, 36 Crazyfists, Nuclear Blast Records, First Jason (Friday the 13th), Tomas Tatar (Detroit Red Wings), Marian Hossa (Chicago Blackhawks), Calvin Pickard (Colorado Avalanche), Eric Comrie (Winnipeg Jets) and Thom Hazaert.
To order these and other PUCK HCKY merchandise designs, please visit www.puckhcky.com. You can also visit PUCK HCKY on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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