SUFFOCATION releases “Return to the Abyss” guitar play-through

New York death metal pioneers SUFFOCATION and GUITAR WORLD are pleased to present a playthrough video for the song “Return to the Abyss”, featuring guitarists Terrance Hobbs and Charles Errigo. The track comes off their latest release …Of The Dark Light

Check out the Clip HERE

…Of The Dark Light was produced by SUFFOCATION and tracked at Full Force Studios with longtime engineer Joe Cincotta (OBITUARY). Mixing and mastering was handled by world renowned producer/engineer Zeuss (HATEBREEDARSISSUICIDE SILENCE). Cover artwork was created by Colin Marks (ORIGINFLESHGOD APOCALYPSEKATAKLYSM).

More on …Of The Dark Light:
“Return To The Abyss” lyric video
“Your Last Breaths” 360º track video
“Your Last Breaths” drum play-through
1st album trailer
2nd album trailer is:
Frank Mullen
– Vocals
Kevin Muller / Vocals
Terrance Hobbs | guitars
Charles Errigo | guitars
Derek Boyer | bass
Eric Morotti | drums


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