Tribulation- Vampirean Melodies Released with “Down Below”

tribulationphotoAs the metal world gets more aggressive by the day, there are times you want to hear a fine tuned melody. Tribulation has unleashed their album titled Down Below: a collection of horror stories, with eerie melodies. One can say the vampirean era is coming back with such macabre sounds. Guitarist Jonathan Hulten composed a great selection of melodies like the track titled “The Lament”, kicking off with a ghastly introduction, followed by a harrowing guitar riff. This track gives you the chills with the instrumentation alone, then you hear Johannes Andersson vocals, filled with demonic growls. This song has an ass kicking rhythm, and the interlude with the keyboard element will elate your life. The second track titled “Nightbound” has impact as well. It is a perplex song that will drag you across the room with the heavy guitars and perfectly executed drums by Oscar Leander, their newest addition to the line up. It is believed that Jonathan Hulten took some major time to create this astonishing sound, and it definitely sounds they way it should.

The album has guitar licks that will catch your attention, and the talented drum work by Oscar Leander only adds more power to each track. A delivery of evil, manifested within the darkest taverns in a cold Swedish winter sweeps your ghostly body. Another malediction on this album is “Lacrimosa”. This song strikes with intensity from the get go. The drums are fast, encompassed by a brutal guitar riff, as the story develops the music pervades your body, leaving you with darkness at your feet. If you are looking for a thrash metal album this is not it, this is beyond that. The definition of macabre has been composed musically by non other than Tribulation, make sure to get your copy of this insidious album. The record is out not via Century Media, and you can get your copy on iTunes as well, but let’s be real you need to get that hard copy, the cover it self depicts a maelstrom to be unleashed with Down Below.


Reported by: Hostile Jo


Various shops:

Tribulation’s webstore


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