HERETIC’S DREAM Release Single & Official Video For ‘A Price To Pay’

Italians Heretic’s Dream have released their first new material since their 2016 album Floating State Of Mind. It comes in the form of a video and single for the track A Price To Pay. Since releasing their last album, the band have gone through a line-up change but now they are back and once again, firing on all cylinders. Heretic’s Dream are currently working on their fourth studio album, due to be released via Sliptrick Records in Autumn 2018 and with the current working title, Resilience.


Here’s what the band had to say about their new single; “The song is about the dichotomy lived by a parent, between the consciousness that his child deserves to live his life and to have his own experiences (even the toughest) and the temptation of preserving him from dangers and suffering. “To love you is to die a bit, and make a deal with Hell/ to love you is to dance with fear/to love you is to let you go, my words just run in circles”, states the chorus, while the video tells the story of a child divided between two fighting parents. The child’s love overcomes the adults’ barriers and the two separated parents even end up meeting each other in a common embrace with their child. Waiting for a phone to ring is A Price To Pay when you love someone who learns daily to become a man in this world.”

Available now in digital format from: iTunes

Listen to A Price To Pay on: Spotify

Heretic’s Dream are:
Francesca Di Ventura – Vocals | Andrej Surace – Guitar | Francesco Paolo Condoleo – Keyboards | Maurilio Di Stefano – Drums | Federico Colaizzi – Bass

Band pages: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube |  Twitter | On Sliptrick


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