Votov, – Death Metal Done Right

votovThe sounds of morbid death metal have instilled madness into metalheads for decades. Requiems of Malevolent Creation, and Morbid Angel will live on and new bands will master their skills paying rendition to those bands with their own touch.

Votov, Canadian old school death metal purveyors have unleashed a sadistic debauchery with their latest self-titled album, Votov. This record is not a mimicry of classic death metal, they own their sound with deep vocals and explosive drum workday (Matt Penner). John Duke, on  bass guitar delivers a decapitating sound, with fury virulently striking your ear. The raw clean sound will perforate your ears, making you headbang relentlessly to track like “Organic Incarceration”. This track resonates with a killer tremolo guitar riff paired with brutal double bass pedals, one to make your head bleed internally. The song has perplex sounds, all cohesive and blended as it should be, brutally. The vocals by Chuck Labossiere are grim, dark and will raise your arm hairs, as the sodomy continues your  body will not beg for mercy, it will endure the catastrophic drum explosions through out this track.

The tempo on songs vary, but the depth is there with the undertones of thrash metal rising every now and then, this band has the talent to go out there and wreck venues. Another ass kicking track from the get go is “Indoctrination”, this comes in heavy and fast in the beginning, submerging into a heavier toned guitar and abolishing gutturals. The sounds of Suffocation come to mind along with some infernal molotov riffs. The drums and guitars create a violent atmosphere, and ravage through all within their sight. The band is influences by the classic death metal sounds that created the scene and will carry the banner for years to come with this destructive sound. Get your copy, out now via bandcamp.

Written by: Hostile Jo





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