Visigoth- Conqueror’s Oath- Marching To The Battle Ground

Visigoth-PhotoWhen you look back at the past years of metal album releases, you consider such great pieces like Manowar’sBattle Hymn, Judas PriestPainkiller and so forth. In days to come you will be glued to your media player amping your self out with a release that will bring back those emotions as when you hear Painkiller; Visigoth’s metallic record Conqueror’s Oath. This record has all the elements heavy metal is composed of. The record will be out on February 9th, via Metal Blade Records and with the hard work and dedication Visigoth will deliver eight heavy metal tracks to stand the test of time.

The introduction of this ambitious metal album will grab you by the throat and take you on a medieval journey filled with warrior stories. A journey that commences with the track “Steel and Silver”, it dives in with an invigorating guitar riff, forth warning you of the musicianship to come your way. The mid tempo track has impact, with guitar licks through out it containing chants that will have you raising your horns to battle hymns. This is a song that will make fans chant during the live set. With skillful hammering on the drums, Visigoth delivers a strong first track. Visigoth is adding their name to the heavy metal hall of fame with this record, as “Warrior Queen” comes with the sound of metal you too will headbang to. Let me skip to the guitar solo, a complex delivery of fingering and pulling will ravage you. This track has an eloquent flute added with clean guitars during the last minute of it, then suddenly you hear knights chanting “Hail the coming of the conqueror…” if it does not give you the chills then truly my friend you are dead inside.

Visigoth - Conqueror's OathThere is another highlight on this album, “Salt City”, it is an upbeat track that will surely make you rock out. The vocals are majestic, with amazing screams and low yet deep chords this song is a vision of metal at it’s finest. The guitar solos accompanied by brutal drum work will have you shredding mid air, thrashing and bashing delivery is key here. This track has energy, and technicality on drums, bass and guitar- listen to it while working out! The final song on the album is the self titled one, “The Conqueror’s Oath”, an eye opening to those stuck in a crappy job, with words like “Do you ever feel like you were destined to be something more…” go out there and conquer your dreams. The metal work on this track is powerful one, a message is being instilled as this slow metal track gallops, it delivers a great rhythm on minute 2:50, both guitars and drums punish you with a great sound.The record is a roller coaster of metal, with slower tempo songs, and upbeat ones it keeps you listening to the chants, the guitar riffs and the powerful drums all blended with amazing vocals. Make sure to get your copy of this here heavy metal album rendition.

Written by: Hostile Jo

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In the mean time check out their new music video to “Warrior Queen”

European Tour Dates:

Visigoth tour dates
Feb. 17 – Wurzburg, Germany – Metal Assault Festival
Feb. 18 – Oldenburg, Germany – MTS Records Store
Feb. 19 – Berlin, Germany – Cortina
Feb. 20 – Leipzig, Germany – Four Rooms
Feb. 21 – Wien, Austria – Escape Metal Corner
Feb. 22 – Innsbruck, Austria – Livestage
Feb. 23 – Dornbirn, Austria – Schlachthaus
Feb. 24 – Lunen, Germany – Swordbrothers Festival
Feb. 25 – Genk, Belgium – Flashback
Feb. 27 – Barcelona, Spain – Rocksound
Feb. 28 – Zaragoza, Spain – Sala Lopez
Mar. 1 – Madrid, Spain – Sala Live
Mar. 2 – Ljungby, Sweden – Turbofest
Mar. 3 – Niederjossa, Germany – Full Metal Fest
Mar. 6 – Goppingen, Germany – Zille
Mar. 7 – Leiden, Netherlands – De Noble
Mar. 8 – Marburg, Germany – Szenario
Mar. 9 – Weiher, Germany – Live Music Hall
Mar. 10 – Hamburg, Germany – Hell Over Hammaburg Festival


Visigoth online:


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